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Live Voice Transfer Process

Most mortgage companies fail at making primary contact with potential borrowers. Whether you have your own Internet Site that generates leads or purchase leads, making primary contact with the prospective borrower is one of the single most important ingredients to being successful.

Brupss.com excels at making primary contact with borrowers and prospects. Once we qualify the customer, we warm transfer the customer through a Centrex Line to a mortgage specialist within our client's facility. This model has proven to make consistent primary contact and in turn lower the acquisition cost of producing the lead. Your originators focus on what they do best, closing the customer.


Our experience demonstrates that on new, organic Internet leads, each Brupss agent is able to generate between 4-6 transfers per hour, for a conventional loan borrower. Each program is built around predefined business rules to meet the program objectives. We take into consideration the number of daily leads provided, age of lead, dial cycle time and desired conversion ratios. We manage our clients' business upfront knowing the necessary dials per hour, contacts, conversions and negative dispositions tolerances. It all boils down to managing the numbers to keep within the acceptable cost per transaction.

Here are some of the numbers that our program generates on new Internet leads (work and home numbers provided). Some of our clients also have us call existing customers in their servicing portfolio that meet certain mortgage requirements, or prospective borrowers that have filled out an application on their Internet site.


We are a Telemarketing Company for the past 2 years. We do telemarketing for Mortgage Refinance. Our call center generate Fresh Mortgage Leads and we do Live Call Transfer to our client in US.