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Global Qwest, Inc. is a California-based company founded in 2006 by Roger Billeci and Derek Forrest. In 2007, the company became licensed as a California brokerage. Property Qwest, a subsidiary of Global Qwest, controls the real estate operations of Global Qwest, Incorporated.

Over seven years ago, we began investing in the Northern California market. Since then, we have expanded nationally to invest in diverse markets from rehab to pre-construction to wholesale investments for both short and long-term holds. We currently own rental property in California, Idaho, Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.  Most of these properties are single family residences outside of a fourplex in Meridian, ID.  With the current market conditions in many locales, we are currently working on rehabbing homes in Arizona.

During the past seven years, we have developed wealth generating strategies in the real estate market that simplifies the investment process for both the seasoned and novice investor. Our goals are for steady expansion of real estate investment opportunities and to continue to expand our network of real estate professionals and investors who are dedicated to forming long term relationships in the pursuit of generating wealth from real estate.

Funding for the company to date has come from the private funds of Roger Billeci and Derek Forrest, from equity generated from our growing portfolio of investment properties, and private lenders.  We are seeking additional private money investors to further enhance Property Qwest’s buying potential in various real estate markets.



Whether you are a real estate professional or a real estate investor, can help you with all facets of your residential real estate investment needs throughout the country.

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Property Qwest works nationally with a growing network of real estate professionals and investors to provide strong real estate investment opportunities to our members and affiliates.