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I am a mortgage banker with 20 years experience. I believe I have all the tools to ensure timely closings and happy customers Presently, I am looking for referral partners in Florida. Don't be shy

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I am a mortgage banker with 20 years experience in the mortgage industry. I have lived in Palm beach County for 12 years but can help any customer or Realtor in the state of Florida.

I have been around long enough to see the amazing turn of events in our business and do believe that our prospects will only get better in the coming years.

I am absolutely ecstatic with my present employer, The Mortgage Firm. Check in my services section if you wish to read about why you would want to create some business with us. They Rock!

I feel my background is a testimony of why someone you would want to do business with me.

I started my career back in 1993 as a processor at Suntrust. I began several years of excellent training there. I went on to work for wholesalers and then ended up at one of the best mortgage brokerage offices in South Florida.

After six years of improvement and learning, I moved on to my own one man shop where I covered the entire process soup to nuts.

Now with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Law it is more advantageous to be a banker again. But I am happy to say that my current employer is not a dinasaur like Suntrust but rather we are a very consumer friendly, locally operated mid-size bank. Give me a call if you would like to discuss a scenario. 561-329-0075


Someone once told me that the best thing about retail is the people and the worst thing about retail is the people. I enjoy positioning my services (now on the internet) and selling the invisible: SERVICE. I know I have PRICE too. I also have every conceivable PRODUCT under the sun.




Named to the All New England Team - NCAA Tennis 1984



Looking deep into the file to spot potential pitfalls (upfront)

Internet Marketing

Testimonials for Preston Ware

  • Tony Castro - Realtor

    Preston Ware has the type of integrity and professionalism that I seek when I work with a High Quality Lender. He keeps me updated on the financing process and handles any areas of concern quickly and expeditiously. I would strongly reccomend him to anyone searching for financing today.
    He and I are working as a Realtor-Lender team to put families back in homes today!!
    I trust Preston as not only my Lender for Life but as my good friend!

  • Marie Coleman - Realtor

    Preston was introduced to me by my Broker Hal. Over the 10 years I have known him, he has been my Mortgage Broker of choice. He secured mortgages for 1 of my daughters, 2 of my sisters and countless friends. Whenever I work with a new client, I always recommend him.

  • Gregg Pelitto - 2 time customer

    Preston is a true professional. We have used him and his services many times over the years. He is a great guy and very fair in his dealings. I would highly recommend him for all your mortgage needs

  • Bianca Youngman - First Time Homebuyer

    When I was purchasing my first home I ran in to some tough situations that turned into nightmares. I went through 2 real estate agents and 3 mortgage brokers. By this point I was ready to give up until a co-worker gave me Preston's number. I was reluctant at first because I did not need anymore hastle. I called Preston and he ran my credit while I was on the phone and took some basic informationl. He immediately told me that the deal was do-able! I was ecstatic. from beginning to end Preston was there for me, holding my hand. He worked diligently with his team to close my deal for me. Preston uses his imagination and expertise. He is not fishing for the biggest deal either. He returned all my calls quickly; he explained many processes, and more importantly he gave me peace of mind. When all the other brokers said "NO" Preston showed them up, and was able to get me closed quickly. He has a great personality, and not judgmental. He cares about you and your future. He will never steer you wrong. If I ever buy another house, Preston has my business.
    THANK YOU PRESTON!! You made me and my family very happy.

  • Ovi Troche - Three Time Customer

    I am writing to give Preston Ware my highest recommendation. Preston possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker: he knows his market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with his clients. Preston is both very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a good job. In my particular case as a buyer of a home (3 times), there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Preston was to solve the problem each and every time.
    It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Preston or being anything but happy in choosing to work with him.

  • Althea Ruddick - Firt Time Home Buyer

    I couldn't have done it without Preston. He made sure I had the best possible service, agent, and I gained a great friend. I left the experience feeling satisfied that I had secured the best deal possible and as harrowing as purchasing a home is, I would gladly go through the experience again with him to advise me.

  • Chris Cury - Refinance Customer and Tennis Buddy

    I have known Preston for over 20 years due to a common interest in tennis. So when I was purchasing my last home I contacted him for assistance in financing the transaction. Having been in the mortgage business back in the early 80's I can be a rather demanding customer. Preston was quick to provide me a list of potential mortgage options with very attractive rates. I asked for his recommendation and we quickly settled on a particular program/lender.
    He made that part of the process and all the way through closing a completely painless process. He is very quick to offer help and answer any and all questions.

    I have routinely recommended him without reservation to friends and acquaintances will continue to do so.

  • Claudia James - First Time Home Buyer

    I worked with Preston while purchasing my first home, he was exceptionally knowledgeable and guided me easily through the process. Thanks to his expertise I did not experience any dramas normally associated with the mortgage process and I wholeheartedly recommend him as great mortgage broker..

  • Tim O'Bryan - Two time customer and world class bowler

    To whom this may concern, Recently Preston Ware handled my refinancing of my home and he made it happen. His helpfulness and making me feel easy about everything was a big help. He would make it as easy as possible for me to get the required paperwork signed and turned in. I would recommend Preston to anybody looking for a mortgage consultant. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Sincerely Tim Obryan - Pittburgh Steelers fan

  • Tony Vetrano - Two time customer and one of the greatest referral sources of all time

    To whom this may concern, I have known Preston Ware for over seven years and Preston has handled my last two home mortgages. Additionally, due to the positive experience I had in dealings with Preston, I have referred several friends and business associates to Preston for mortgage services. Having over twenty five years of financial business experience I have seen the gambit of customer service and professional knowledge. Preston has exceeded my expectations in both areas of his commitment to customer service and on his knowledge of the industry.
    I would highly recommend Preston for your next mortgage as I certainly plan to use him again in the future should I have the mortgage needs. If you need more information or would like to discuss I would be more than happy to assist you. I would be happy for Preston to provide you my contact information. Sincerely, Tony Vetrano Vice President

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