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Get to Know Helen Hoyt

I always try to put my client's interests first. I strive to be honest and sincere.... and I really do care about my clients. I am one of those strange people that actually likes and trusts other people! And time and again, this belief in people has proven to be justified! Hopefully, if I continue to live by this rule- I will build a loyal group of clients who will keep coming back when they need help with real estate- and will recommend me to their friends! I'm also a go-getter, very creative in my thinking and business, and willing to work 24-7 if need be!

We are a family company! I've been a realtor for 9 years! My 3 daughters are all realtors and we work together as partners- my husband is my web guy. We have an awesome all-encompassing Free, Online Portland Neighborhood Guide with detailed descriptions, maps, links to parks, trails, bike paths, photos and all kinds of things to help you learn about the flavor of each Portland neighborhood and suburb. Go to my website and click on Neighborhood Guide. The 4 of us worked on it and got it  up and running in 2006-we try to update and add to it regularly!  Take a look at it! It's pretty cool! http://goo.gl/xNfRn


We are really different than most realtors. I do 1.5% Listings- which I've been doing for 7 years. We do more than most realtors that charge 6% Our photos are the most important part of it- I use a Cannon Rebel 12 MP and the latest Photo Shop-climb on chairs and go out windows if need be....to get the best photos!  I'm a writer by trade, so ads create word pictures-are descriptive and creative-pulling the buyers in to want to see more!  Plus, we do more advertising than any other realtor I've seen! My listings are all featured on realtor.com, zillow.com, and trulia.com and I own 11 zipcodes in Portland on realtor.com so that my listings come up consistantly at the top and bottom of searches for houses in Portland! I also do flat fee listings- all kinds! Fight appraisals if need be, get feedback, have done remodeling and building for 25 years, so really understand the issues that come up in inspections-even taught classes for 5 years on electrical, plumbing and more at the Tigard Home Depot University!  I've been a realtor since 1997, lived in Portland since 1993!  I'm flexible and willing to take your ideas and make them work! Check out my listing programs on my website


We are a family company-myself & my 3 daughters! We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide-helps people get to know Portland-its on our website. Full Service 1.5% Listings & Flexible Flat Free Listings