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Professional Loan Consultants, Inc. helps homeowners with the HAMP program.  The Home Affordable Modification Program is the Obama Administration’s new loan modification program aimed at sustaining communities by providing homeowners with affordable loans. HAMP is based on the simple fact that foreclosures are costly for nearly all involved: homeowners, mortgage lenders and investors, and communities across the country. The program requires servicers to do what is in the best interest of their customers—lenders and investors—by requiring them to offer modifications in a consistent manner on all loans for which they are responsible when modification maximizes the net present value of a mortgage compared to foreclosure. To find out more about loan modifications, deed in lieu of foreclosure, the foreclosure process,  click here .


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At Professional Loan Consultants, Inc., we provide professional consultations for our clients to help determine the best course of action.  We conduct a full Mortgage Forensic Audit on all of our clients’ files including analysis of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) violations and illegal terms and conditions.  When lenders make TILA violations or write illegal loans, their loans may not be enforceable and can result in serious legal implications and costs to the lender to remedy the situation.


Foreclosures resulting from illegal loans are not enforceable. The foreclosure process is literally STOPPED when litigation on a questionable loan begins.  Mortgage payments may NOT be demanded by the lender during the foreclosure or litigation process. The only way to ascertain whether or not your mortgage contains VIOLATIONS is through a Mortgage Forensic Loan Audit.

At Professional Loan Consultants, Inc. we conduct a Mortgage Forensic Loan Audit on EVERY one of our clients’ files.  The audit is basically an extensive and thorough examination of your loan documents that you signed when you first obtained your mortgage loan.  Our mortgage and legal experts examine your loan documents looking for any State and Federal violations.  In order to effectively get your lender to modify your loan, you must know what violations were committed by your lender.

The Mortgage Loan Forensic Audit conducted by Professional Loan Consultants, Inc.,  is the key to obtaining a favorable outcome during the Loan Modification process as it will give you the best chance to get your loan modified successfully.  We use these violations as leverage to negotiate your case with your lender.  Generally, the more violations and the higher their severity, the better chance you have of obtaining a loan modification.

After performing a thorough assessment of your personal finances and analyzing the original loan documents and disclosures associated with the loan, the Forensic Loan Audit will document what laws were broken by the lender and/or the mortgage broker during the loan process. The Forensic Loan Audit will determine if the mortgage is even legal.

If you are in foreclosure or close to missing your mortgage payments, the best way to stop your foreclosure is to have Professional Loan Consultants, Inc. conduct a forensic loan review on your loan and then let us negotiate your loan modification. Click Here Now if you would like Professional Loan Consultants, Inc. to conduct a forensic audit on your loan.


If you have suffered from a financial hardship, medical setback, divorce, death of family member, or loss of job, you may qualify for a loan modification.  Even if you have been turned down while trying to refinance because you owe more on your home then what it's worth, you may qualify for a special loan modification to help lower your mortgage payments!


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Professional Loan Consultants, Inc. is a group of mortgage professionals and attorneys who specialize in STOPPING the Foreclosure Process and assist their clients with Loan Modifications to help make