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San Diego's leading Home Inspection company. We use the latest testing equipment and report writing software. Infrared Thermal Imaging used at every home inspection to search for leaks.

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Looking for a home inspector in San Diego? The Real Estate Inspection Company (dba The Real Estate Inspection Co.) is the largest home inspection company in San Diego. Our unique approach to home inspections sets us head-and-shoulders above the rest. This is not only due to the superior reports that we create, but the personal attention you get from our well trained, experienced and friendly inspectors. We are not a run-of-the-mill franchise or part of another organization. Inspecting homes is all we do.

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HIGH-TECH Being an independent home inspection company allows us to adapt to the ever changing real estate market. Instead of paying huge franchise fees, we invest in the latest technology available to a home inspector. We inspect hundreds of items in the house, and we use state-of-the-art equipment. Our reports are computer generated on-site and delivered immediately before we leave the property. The inspection report that you receive includes color photos and easy to read descriptions of any defects. We don't use cryptic check box form reports in a three ring binder. Our reports can be color printed onsite, and they are sent electronically to all parties.

Infrared Thermal Imaging The Real Estate Inspection Co. is one of the few inspection companies in the country that incorporates INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING technology with a home inspection to help find moisture in a home - at no  additional cost! Thermal imaging helps us to quickly locate moisture problems, missing insulation, leaking ducts, overheated circuit breakers and more. Infrared Cameras "see" the surface temperature of objects. Since wet areas change temperature at a different rate than dry areas, finding anomalies is easy with the Infrared Camera. The picture at right shows a leak from an upstairs bathroom, even though the house was freshly painted. Other inspectors would have missed this leak.

Fast Turn-Around The real estate market in San Diego has changed. Flipped homes are everywhere. And with that comes short escrows and no disclosures. We have the staff to get to your inspections done right away. Our friendly office personnel are available to book your appointments and answer your questions. No more waiting for the inspector to call you back. We also have multiple inspectors so we can book your inspection, and get it done quickly. All of our home inspectors are well trained, prompt, and great to work with. You receive a report complete with photos and detailed information at the end of the inspection.

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So how is Real Estate doing in San Diego? We have compiled interesting information below. Despite what is often reported in the news, there is a lot of activity.

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San Diego Recently Sold Homes

Testimonials for Philippe Heller

  • Marvin D.

    This review took 8 years to write. I have recommended Philippe and his company to all of my clients since 2005. While I can't dictate who my clients hire, I always recommend at least two inspection companies. SDREIC is chosen nearly 100% of the time. In fact I can count the times clients have gone elsewhere on half of a hand. I've learned quite a lot about construction, plumbing, electrical, roofing, foundations plus more things too lengthy to list from Philippe and all of his inspectors. I've worked with all of them and they are a very knowledgeable, professional crew. Even the gals on the administrative side of the company (they really run it for Philippe but don't tell him that) are the best I've ever dealt with (thanks Tonja and Julie). From all the gadgetry to information online, appointment setting, knowledge, expertise and plain ol' friendliness and courtesy in a mom & pop style of running a business, Philippe has much to offer my clients, even a guarantee!! SDREI is my "GO-TO" company for all residential home construction and system related questions; they have continually added to my knowledge base over the years. While I can't speak for my clients, Philippe's company philosophy, professionalism, expertise and work ethic are priceless to me - I have no doubt they feel the same. Keep doing what you're doing Philippe, my clients and I appreciate it!

  • LeoraC----114

    Philippe is very nice and professional.he was arrived earlier than the schedule time.He would let me know what he is looking at and explained where is the problem.nice performance.Thank you Philippe!

  • Michael P.

    Philippe Heller was really thorough with the inspection. Our future home is very old, built in 1933 and had a second floor added in the 1960's. He went thru each and every item that he identified and made recommendations on things that he would invest the time and materials in improving. His report was extremely thorough and complete with pictures and the appropriate descriptions of discovered items.

    I do definitely recommend using SDRE Inspection and believe that I will utilize them again if the opportunity arises for me to purchase additional property in the future.

  • Erin W.

    Five STARS are not enough for this awesome inspection company!! I am a local Realtor that has recommended their services exclusively for the last 7 or 8 years. Philippe, Jamie and the rest of the crew are always extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful with answering questions and explaining safety concerns to my clients. A home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, so be sure you know exactly what you are buying! Stop looking and call them! You can thank me later :)

  • SAnsari870

    Philippe was professional and thourough in his inspection. Open to dicuss issues and listen to concerns and questions. Also, extremely punctual and timely in being present for the appointment and providing the final written report. Thank you so much Philippe.

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