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Get to Know Patrick Ciriello

Greetings!  My name is Patrick Ciriello, and over the last 25 years or so my career has taken me from programming to system development to marketing to coaching and consulting and now back to programming!

I actually have several businesses in which I am currently involved, all of which have potential benefit to the Real Estate industry.  However, since I do not believe in "commision breath", I would rather meet you first and find out which, if any, of the services I can offer will help your business.  I do have links on my blog if you want to do some initial digging, and of course no one can hide from "the google", but I would encourage you to give me a call and lets chat.  If you happen to be in the North East, I'd be happy to meet for coffee.  Not everything I do has a price tag, so let's just get to know each other and see how we can help one another in the journey to our goals.


My expertise is in the areas of marketing, office technology, and coaching.  I have been a computer professional at various levels for over 25 years, spanning many industries and types of organizations, from programming to networking to C-Level management.  I also have over 10 years of marketing experience, both traditional and online, and I help my clients utilize marketing and advertising tools to find, create, and maintain close relationships with their customers.  As a coach, my goal is to help my clients become the best "self" possible by utilizing a simple step-by-step approach that will not only help them fulfill their own goals, but that they can then share with their colleagues and clients as well.


I am an expert at networking, and love to help other build their networks and find the people with whom they should and need to connect.