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Get to Know Cindy Parker-Katz

I was a Real Estate agent for many years in the past. I won many awards in my company from Rookie of the year to Top Listing and Top Selling agent. While spending many years as an agent I bought and sold properties that I rehabbed. In 2006 I decided to get truly educated in Real Estate Investing. I have spent over 300 hours in my investing education. I have since worked with Wholesailing, Retailing, Subject To, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Flipping, Rehabbing, Round Robins and Buying and Holding. I have been very successful in this amazing market and I know we will never see anything like this again! While everyone is complaining I am selling. Now is the time to invest!! Everyone should be investing in a few properties so their futures will be secure.


I am a Real Estate Investor and am helping home owners sell their properties that can't sellthrough a Realtor because of their situations. I have sold homes that were on the market for a year or two in less than 30 days. Many times I can bring relief, help and caring to a seller in distress.

I can take the listings agents would throw away because there isn't a way for them to make money and I can give them a nice fee, when I get the property sold. This is a great way for Real Estate Agents to stop throwing leads into the trash.

 I help many unqualified buyers get into a home they want and refinance it at a later date. This helps buyers own their dream home they never thought they could purchase because of having bumps in their credit.

This is a way to help mortgage brokers get paid at a later date on a buyer that doesn't qualify now. I work with many different real estate professionals so everyone can make money in this market. I love to do "subject to" deals, probate deals, and wholesale deals. I am connected with many other professional in Florida and can help people with different situations that are arising in this market. I love putting together deals that everyone wins!


Real Estate Investor. I help sellers and buyers that can't sell or buy the conventional way. It's always a win/win or I don't do it. I work with Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys and Banks.