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Warning...I don't think blogs/blog sites should be so serious.   Anyone who is in real estate knows we deal with enough serious issues everyday, espicially in todays market.  In any event, I'm not trying to put up some professional dull boring facade.  I'd rather make this a interesting and fun.   This could be professional suicide for some of the other sites I've seen, but here goes nothing.  Forgive the fact that there are many mispellings.  I think I have broken the spell checker button(most likely from over-use), and many of you have made sure I am aware of this.  So, please overlook the mispellings.  I'm working on fixing the problem.  If any of you rainers have any advice please send it.



As a young boy growing up on a small farm in rural Horry County I have seen more change than I would have ever thought possible.  I can remember when everyone in town knew you, your parents, and what you had for dinner the night before.  When the biggest event was the next home football game, when community pride seemed to be on everyones mind and in everyones heart.  I remember when Loris was way out in "the boonies" and the world ended somewhere in Green Sea..."Just kidding Trojan Fans."  Boy has life changed.  And like the times before us we have to change and adapt with it or get left by the wayside.  Many locals didn't want our area to change and resisted development with ever turn, some still do.  With the completion of Hwy 22 and Hwy 31, giving our area quick and easy access to area beaches and attractions, most knew that change was inevitable.  I saw all the potential for these rural coastal communities.  With most real estate agents/Realtors focusing in the Myrtle Beach boom there was a noticable gap between customers wanting to buy in this area and knowledgeable, qualified agents to serve them.  My father-in-law brought in a expericened broker and lifelong friend for Columbia, South Carolina and Coastal Palmetto Realty LLC. was born.  I joined the ranks soon after.  With my local contacts, intimante knowledge of the county, a lot of hard work, and my faith in God, I have experienced much success.  I have and continue to work with farmers and large landowners to convert former agricultural properties into income producing properties, developmental tracts, or residential lots.  I have also formed lifelong relationships with many local builders.  I continue to help them understand the wants and needs of today's buyer and the everchanging real estate market.  Recently I formed The Palmetto Sales Team a division of Coastal Palmetto Realty.  I felt that I didn't have enough one on one time with my clients. An issue that I feel is the most important item in the Client/Agent Relationship.  It allows you to better understand your clients want, wishes and needs, and most importantly it builds repour.  Repour builds trust and allows friendship to prosper, forming lifelong relationships. Sorry, I got off on a tangent... knowing I wasn't getting enough time with each client, and with no more of me to go around I formed The Palmetto Sales Team.  I borught Scot Thrapp aboard to handle the buyers agent division.  He is an experienced and quailfied in all aspects of the buyers side of a transaction.   I feel his ability to listen to a buyers needs and match a property to that person is unrivialed.  I kidd him somtimes about having special powers or somthing.  He strives to make sure that the buyer is represented and that the closing takes place in a timely and painless manner.  We are a small company who has watched this county grow beyond what we ever dreamed, and we care where it is going. 


If you read the about us column the you already know I was raised on a small farm here in Horry County.  Those of you who didn't know now.  The one thing you learn while farming is about DIRT.  Slopes, drainage, soil types, the list goes on and on.  So it was natural for me to want to speacilize in Land.  Sounds easy right.  Wrong.  That was proably worst thing I could have chosen.  There is so much that goes on in a Land Transaction.  Zoning and rezoning, wetlands, phase I and II studies, water and sewer availbility, DHEC septic permitting, and you want a list that goes on and on, then this is it.  Then again I was warned by a land broker before I got into this business.  He said, "The day you don't learn somthing while working in land brokerage is the day you should retire, because you know too much."  Folks let me tell you somthing I havn't heard truer words in my life.  I'm currently taking steps to earn my ALC(Accreditted Land Consultant) designation, and have finished a little over have of the required criteria.  I am also taking steps to become certified to delinate wetlands.  I have helped local farmers and land owners take the nessasary steps to  subdivide, develope, and rezone property.  I also consult with clients on what they can do with their property to make it more appealing to residential/commericial developers or investors, and what properties are at their peak now verses what properties have room to appreciate. 

Through dealing with land I have also formed lifelong relationships with many well known area builders.  Often times I am able to find a parcel and have it subdivided enabling the builder to purchase building lots at a reduced cost.  My father along with caring for a small farm was a homebuilder.  I know how hard it is to build these homes while still maintaining a profit and keeping the client happy.  Being from boths sides allows me to better explain situations that arise when dealing in New Construction Home Sales.  I am lucky in the regard that if Scot or I can't find that perfect home for you then I have a pool of experienced custom home builders that can create whatever you or home and garden television can dream up. 


A TRUE LOCAL!!! I have watched Rural Horry County change from tobacco to tourism in just a few short years. I specialize in develpmental properties, large and small land tracts, and new construction.