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Anthony is a researcher, analyst and freelance writer living in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.  Anthony covers the finance industry - particularly mortgage related topics - and is a fervent advocate of both freedom and accountability


All fish are catch and release.

As a Research Analyst, I worked as part of a talented team who developed competitive market intelligence for the banking and finance industries.   I worked directly with and for senior members of product development, secondary and capital markets from the largest financial institutions in the country, including Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Wachovia, Fifth Third, IndyMac, GMAC, SunTrust, and many more.  

I have extensive experience in research, data collection, analysis and custom report design, as well as long term project and client management.  I continually locate, develop and maintain high level resources and contacts in the finance industry in order to maintain regular access to competitive intelligence that may not be available through traditional channels.   I have lead high profile projects from conception to development and through implementation, and I have  been extremely fortunate to continually have worked with a culturally diverse team of colleagues who possessed unlimited talents, and who worked tirelessly to ensure the highest standards of quality in client satisfaction and product quality.   In my position as a Research Analyst, I was also primarily responsible for the bulk of the Special Studies commissioned by our clients. Various research methods in combination with multiple sources of data were employed to prepare studies and reports that were tailored for use by the executive teams of the major lenders.  

The primary types of data sought and utilized for these reports consisted of proprietary underwriting guidelines, base rate and adjuster databases with APRs, production metrics and market analytics, fee schedules and internal company communiqué.   This data was nearly worth its weight in gold, and extremely difficult to secure on a regular basis. Even our own clients would bar access to the majority of their data through the official channels, but we always managed to get our hands the best data.   During the housing bubble the hunger for product and market intelligence that was driven by the desire to gain market share was so great that executives at nearly all of the lenders were willing to barter almost anything, but not necessarily with anyone.  That is where I did my best work.  

The crux of my position relied on my ability to establish and develop relationships based on trust and discretion with senior level contacts at major lenders who could provide me with regular access to intelligence of the most sensitive nature.   Effectively managing and further developing these resources required a great deal of diplomacy and finesse, as the contacts were well aware that my clients included their biggest competitors.   Prior to becoming a paid analyst, I founded Everybody's Holding Company, LLC  buying, remodeling and marketing investment properties in Eugene, Oregon. 

I have experience in all aspects of small business operations, accounting and finance.

All fish are catch and release. 

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Analysis and Commentary on Finance and Freedom in America Today - Get the insider's perspective from a former market analyst for the big banks who was right in the middle of the Bubble Factory...