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About Us: The RiverKing Custom Painting Team

It's another beautiful day in Tallahassee, and our RiverKing Custom Painting crew is hard at work throughout the city. We've sent one group to pressure clean a residence. After that's finished, they'll also do some staining and wood replacement. Another crew is hard at work painting the interior of a local commercial building.

Among Tallahassee paint crews, our RiverKing Custom Painting professionals have made a steady name for themselves. Perhaps that's because we hire only the best. The majority of our 20-30 paint technicians have 5-9 years of experience, and are led by individuals with 10+ years in the business. We work together to form a cohesive team, mingling our talents and ensuring the final product is always exemplary.

Our ability to customize the size of our Tallahassee paint crews to the size of our jobs leads to great success. We'll send as many as ten professionals at a time to finish commercial building projects. Usually, two or more RiverKing painters are sufficient for a residential client.

Our office has quality control and customer service down pat! We want you to receive great service and enjoy the painting experience. After all, this is completely about your satisfaction.

RiverKing Custom Painting is fully insured, licensed and bonded, and is an approved vendor for the state of Florida. For pressure cleaning, staining and wood replacement, interior and exterior painting and trim work, we're Tallahassee's paint crew choice for quality results.


Tallahassee Painters: The RiverKing Painting Process
As any seasoned Tallahassee painter can tell you, a can of paint does not a well-painted room make. (Try saying that ten times.) Enlist the expert help of RiverKing Custom Painting, and turn your walls into a showcase. Our crew has the vast experience and expertise necessary to do a quality job the first time, and we'll go above and beyond your expectations. Below is a list of common questions and concerns voiced by Tallahassee paint service seekers. If you have a concern that isn't listed here, call us.

· Estimates are done same day or next day and guaranteed in writing. 

· When can painting start? After we issue an estimate, we're often able to paint a residence within a week. Commercial project durations vary depending on size.

· How will I know what type of paint to use? Consult with the RiverKing Custom Painting team. We'll listen to your vision of the room(s) and present a list of options for you. We recommend high-level paints like those of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

· What if I don't have time to wait for a crew to arrive? We show up when we say we will. With RiverKing, there's no question whether or not your crew will arrive - you name the date and time, and we'll be there.

· Will the team take on additional projects so that I don't have to call another work crew? Our RiverKing professionals can do special finishes, custom trim, staining and high-tech pressure cleaning

What to Expect: Custom Painting, Customized Options
RiverKing Custom Painting professionals do so much more than just swab color onto Tallahassee buildings. We act as consultants for our clients, advising them about their paint and decorative options, and displaying our value-added services for all to enjoy. When Tallahassee paint seekers look to hire a crew for their commercial or residential needs, they find few who can match our personal attention and our willingness to customize the painting experience. Partner with RiverKing Custom Painting, and expect the following benefits:

· Service applied to each customer's needs - Whether we're working with a homeowner who needs interior advice or a commercial business owner looking to paint a variety of colors throughout an office, we start the interview with the same question: "What have been your positive and negative experiences regarding painters and the finished paint job?" We seek to set expectations up front, knowing that we'll always look to provide a positive result.

· Design services - Need help matching paint color with décor? We work directly with talented designers who give qualified, stylish advice. Together, we'll provide a whole new ambience for your residence or commercial building.

· Consideration to budget - We always strive to provide the best product and service for the lowest price possible. For example, we often ask homeowners how often they plan to reside in their home, and recommend paint choices accordingly.

· Quick turnaround - Due to our fully-stocked professional crew, we're almost always able to paint a house in less than one week. Call us to discover our time frame for commercial buildings.


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