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Everything I do is carefully planned! Opportunity abounds if one can recognize it. At a time when most loan officers are leaving the Real Estate Lending Business, I am coming back into it. Well in a sense; I'm a retired REALTOR, twenty one years as an active full time residential Broker starting in 1976 and retiring as a Broker Associate from a franchised RE/MAX office. During my career, I served on my local Board of Realtors as Division Chairman, President Elect, the Chairperson of MLS in that capacity, and honored to serve as the President of the Board of Realtors.  Somehow, I even garnered the coveted "Realtor of the Year" award for the year 1991. That must have been a mistake! However, back in those days, one was given honor among his peers because of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness, not because of making a pot full of money at the expense of others. I am married, forty years December 21st, 2008, and to the same woman no less. What a blessing for me! I have my first car too; a 1928 Model A Ford. She and I have been together over forty six years and my wife knows about it! I guess you have ascertained I am into long, meaningful relationships.


Fortunately, I am at the stage of life to have fully recognized the importance of what I term, "A Serving Mentality". I am not driven by the need to make a buck. I have always said in my entire career that commissions are commensurate to the value given to the customer. Customer loyalty is not derived by the need for personal financial gain. Conversely, financial reward comes to one that truly conveys the desire to provide a tangible benefit to the customer/client, and then an added measure more.


Wonder about YSP; Yield Spread Premium? I use it to benefit the customer as it was designed to do. I am YOUR guide on the "OREGON LOAN TRAIL"!