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Michael Slosar - Executive Manager / Partner
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Is your realtor working for you or the commission!! When choosing the correct representation you need to consider a few things. First it does not matter how large of a company a realtor works for. Secondly, you should always ask the realtor to explain what they are going to do different than the competition. Thirdly, you should always ask them to explain there most complex transaction. I have spend many hours, days, months, and years assembling the correct teams to ensure that my clients are represented to the highest level. My service level does not change when the price of the property goes up or down. I have over a decade of core business experience in many different areas. Finding a property that fits your clients needs, wants, and desires is just the start of my job. Negotiating contracts, mediating transactions, explaining the fine print, and most of all LISTENING!!!! are all major parts of my job. I'm not going to lie to a client, or tell them anything other than the way it is. I'm 29 years old and run my own office with other agents under me. I'm in the position that I am for a reason. Confidence, a little cockiness, and composer are key elements in completing a transaction on time and without error. I strive to offer the highest level of personal and professional service available, and will even do so for people that I know already have representation. For me Real Estate is about servicing clients and making sure that they are comfortable with the decisions that they are about to make. If I succeed in that then I get paid. So I challenge everyone to run your ideas by me before you make that decision as to who is going to be representing your corner in the transaction.