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Natalia Carey
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My name is Natalia Carey, and I want to be your Real Estate Adviser.  Why should you choose me?  Of course, all the normal reasons apply – experience, dedication, and knowledge of the Central Florida market – but I am very different from most Realtors.  Let me tell you why…

My life began behind the Iron Curtain, in the Far East of the former Soviet Union.  From my first days through my early years as an adult, I lived in a world very different from Florida – frigid, economically depressed, and oppressive.  The light in my life was my family, who taught me to think independently and adapt to any situation, no matter how bizarre.

When the late 80′s came to the Soviet Union, conditions began to change.  The country broke into many separate parts, and we called ourselves by our former name – Russia.  As a young adult, I was able to start my own travel business, a lifelong dream.  Finally, Russians were able to travel outside our borders, and I was the one who helped the people in my area to explore the world, for business and for pleasure.

Of course, as my travel company grew, I was able to realize my own dream of traveling to many foreign lands.  For twenty years, the travel business was not only my job, but my passion.  My partners came from all over the world – Italy, Singapore, Japan, France, Thailand, and I was able to visit them on my many business trips.  I still wonder how we could understand one another with so many different languages, but we managed to communicate and thrive.  I began to study English diligently because it became clear that it was a common second language for many countries and, of course, the primary language for The United States and several other powerful countries.

As my business grew, a close friend introduced me to an organization that impressed me very much – Rotary International.  As I became more familiar with Rotary, I embraced its ideals, and became active in our local and regional activities.  My involvement included serving as our local Rotary Club President, and later made history by becoming the first Russian Youth Exchange Program Coordinator.  It amazed me to see students from all over the world develop such skill in communicating with one another, regardless of their language differences.

After visiting the United States on several Rotary trips, I decided that it was the place where I wanted to live.  America was so vibrant, and such a wonderful mixture of cultures, languages, and DREAMS!  Soon after arriving in the United States, I earned my Real Estate license, even before my Green Card arrived!  In Russia, our homes were our sanctuaries and our comfort…  In the United States this was just as true, so I decided to devote my career to helping others to find not only a house, but to make those houses their HOMES!

Because of my international background, I welcome clients not only from the United States, but from other countries as well.  I want to help my clients pursue their dreams, just as I did.  I welcome clients of all backgrounds, cultures, and languages, and feel that I can offer that extra bit of understanding for international clients.

You may have guessed that I have a passion for real estate, and devote my life to learning more about it.  My experience includes many kinds of real estate ventures: resale, foreclosures, short sales, and real estate auctions.  I have participated in multiple investment transactions, property management, and commercial real estate, as well.  I constantly continue my education, and earned my Florida Real Estate Broker’s license in 2011.  My current affiliation is with Coldwell Banker, and I have worked  with Re/Max and Realty Executives in the past.

Please consider me your real estate resource in Florida.  Whether you are in the market to buy or sell, or just have a real estate question, I will be pleased to hear from you!



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"Krue" Krueger via Linkedin
Natalia is a great Real Estate Broker and will go to great lenghts to satisfy a client. I can't imagine using anyone other than Natalia for anything to do with Real Estate! She is knowledgable, expert in the rules and extremely personable! She will go to Great lengths to accomplis her clients goals!" Service Category: Real Estate Agent Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Experience Dedication, and Knowledge of the Central Florida. International Real Esate Broker Associate. Waterfront and Luxury Homes, Condos and Land