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Get to Know Ryan Coffey

Below I give you an outline of what I offer that makes me unique in as a Nanaimo Realtor.


Like any Realtor, my job is to help you sell your current home or buy a new home and make that process as hassle free for you as I can. Working as as a team, the Realtor guides the clients towards their real estate related goals using his/her experience, knowledge, creativity, good listening skills, diligence and empathy. That's the Coles notes version of what I consider a good Realtor to be.


I hadn't been in this business long when I figured out that the main difference between Realtor A and Realtor B in terms of quality of service was mainly how much time and care they put into each client. This flies in the face of the way that most Realtors promote themselves as there are always the ones who pay for the big marketing campaigns that focus on telling you that they do more deals and have been doing it longer therefore they are the best for you. I say this is nonsense. Thus, the foundation of my approach to selling real estate in the Nanaimo area is based upon giving clients maximum time and care. I choose this approach because my goal was and still is to be the sort or Realtor that I would want to work with were I the client rather than to follow the established stereotypes of the profession.



Without going into novel length detail, let me say that this is why I firmly believe that my having a focus on giving clients an abundance of time and care makes my service the best I can make it. It works for me too because I can ultimately feel good about what I do for a living. It is after all, a dramatic and stressful job to have when things are done properly, so I have no desire to make it more so by adding nefarious business practices of "Mc Real Estate" for a few extra bucks.




Here are some of the main points of what makes me unique as a Nanaimo Realtor. I'm detail oriented, and some would say "anal", so it's hard for me to keep this short but I'll do my best. :


Honest Information and Answers: Yes, this is the law for Realtors. But I take pride on taking it to a higher level. I will not pressure you into any sort of sale, I will make sure you have all the info you need to make your decisions informed ones.


If you're buying, I'll make sure you get the best listings I can find for you and make sure that you are kept safe as possible in the transaction. Neither of us wants you to live in a place you're not happy with.


If you're selling I will tell you flat out what needs to be done in order to sell the property at the best price for you. In case you're still wondering about what sort of heart I have, let me point out that I often suggest that people don't use my services at all because it's often better for them financially to rent it out and buy a second property to live in rather than pay all the fees associated with selling a property. Real estate values do after all, grow with time, and so does the income from rent.


I give back: I give 1% of my revenues (not just profits) to environmental causes through a program called one percent for the planet. I am also supporting a young girl in Benin (Africa) through Plan.  Way I see it, we're all on this globe together, we should take care of one another and the world we live in, in addition to ourselves. It's all connected after all. I have also founded an organization here in Nanaimo called the "Nanaimo Green Group" where eco oriented businesses in Nanaimo work together to green Nanaimo and the world. As I write this, the website for that group is not ready, but we are in the process of building it at www.nanaimogreengroup.com


Speaking of green, while you work with me, you'll be driven around in a hybrid car that is quite comfortable.


I don't "double end". "Double ending" is the term used for when a Realtor lists a seller's property or home, and then sells it to a buyer which they find themselves instead of having another Realtor involved. It sounds innocent at first, but let's look at it more deeply. I think it would more accurately be described as "keeping all the commission" because that's what happens.


This isn't so bad in itself, it's just that I don't think that either client is getting the kind of service they would most like to have. You see, when a Realtor is working for only the seller or only the buyer, the are legally obliged to advise and guide that client as well as advise that client on how to get the best deal possible. They also make a point of trying to use whatever info they can to give their client the advantage. This is what fiduciary duty is all about. However, when a Realtor is double ending a sale, this is no longer the case, they are required to remain neutral and not help either side gain an advantage in the negotiation per se. They are instead placed in a role of helping the process along by being a guide to the property selling process.


In my opinion, this a situation where the Realtor is the real winner because they get twice the cash for keeping the deal together, and both clients are left wondering if they won too or not. Yes, this is legal, and yes having a policy against it is quite uncommon among Realtors. (For obivou$ reason$.)


This is why if you were to list a home with me, and I found you a buyer myself, I would pass them on to a different Realtor or complete the sale by offering them "no agency". Only if you, the seller gave me express instructions, would I make an exception to my policy. For the seller, this means that once you hire me to be on your side, I will stay that way all the way through. I'm your hired gun. For my clients who are buyers, this means that you can have confidence that the houses I am taking you to view are chosen because it's what you are looking for, and not what I want you to be looking for.




I'll make sure you get the latest listings on the MLS, but specific to what you're looking for. Just send me your email address and I'll set you up with a self updating list of what's out there that you can login to and be up to date at any time. A lot of people say something to the effect of "Yes, but I can do that on my own at www.realtor.ca." Actually, the tools I have are like that site, but on steroids and they are far more customizable. Plus you will be getting my guidance as to where to look to find whatever it is you are looking for. Also, if you're about ready to go out looking and let me know I'll be digging up listings that aren't even on this system yet if that's what you need.


I'll do more than just enter your home into the database and put up a sign. I'll hold open houses for you and advertise in print, on the MLS, on my website and above all, show you how to get the best price for your home possible. I offer quite a few things actually, depending on what you're looking for. Everyone wants something that suits their needs, and that's what I strive for. I'm not putting everything I do on this website, because I know my competition is watching, so if you're selling your home let me come by, price it for you and tell you in more detail what I offer.




Local Knowledge:
 I know a lot about life on the island as someone who was born and raised here. I am able to give you the information that fits the situation you're coming from, wherever that may be.


I too know what it's like to go to a new place that you know little about. I've lived all over the country, continent and world. So, don't be bashful with your questions about life here. They may seem silly to you, but you're talking to someone who has lived in places where the wildlife is so weird and exotic that he kept having to ask "Is it safe for me to walk around here?" or there and lived in other places where the method for paying your utilities was so strange and confusing at first that they got cut off before he made his first payment and he couldn't speak the local language so he had to get his boss to fix it. Good thing my boss back in Japan went to Social worker school. A combination of patience and leadership goes a long way, and I try to emulate that.


Trust me, no matter how near or far away you're coming from I know how you feel.


I Give Free Estimates of the Market Value of Your Home. If you think you might be interested in putting your home on the market, you will of course want to get some idea of what it might sell for. I offer that service for no charge. I will give you only the facts, and not try to entice you into selling your home by telling you that it's worth more than it really is to get you to list your property with me. Sometimes, people chose a Realtor based on how much the Realtor tells them the property is worth. This is unwise and probably the most common mistake I see in the real estate world. The market decides what a property is worth, not a Realtor. A property that is overpriced is unlikely to sell, and is more likely to be free advertising for the Realtor via the sign on the lawn than a likely sale for the seller.


I am more internationally minded than most other Realtors in my area having lived around and travelled the globe. This means that clients of mine from elesewhere are better understood because I know that there are many ways to look at things as well as many languages to describe them with. This is all normal to me.

Reading about me on www.ryan-coffey.com and even more reading at www.movetonanaimo.com is a better illustration of this.


Nanaimo Realtor Ryan Coffey of Coast Realty makes buying or selling real estate easy and stress free. This website and blog are great resources for Nanaimo information and real estate advice.