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Located in beautiful downtown Crosby! Ok, maybe beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, but this is a great little town! If you are in the neighborhood, stop by & visit!

Get to know Jim Nelson

I was born in Houston Texas in the middle of the last century which is a way of saying, "I have been around for a while now!"   I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a bachelor's degree in business.  I worked as a police officer early in my career before going to work in the private sector as an accountant.  In 2000, I left the company I had been with for the past 22 years having worked up from the beginning accountant position to the manager of the accounting department.  In 2003, I obtained my real estate license and started with Prudential Gary Greene before moving over to Realty Associates in 2004.

I'm married and have 4 children.  Three are grown and out on their own and the youngest is in elementary school.  We have lived in Crosby for the past 16 years and have really enjoyed the small town atmosphere while enjoying the benefits of being close to Houston's big city amenities.  Crosby is a small community (non-incorporated) located about 18 miles from downtown Houston.


You might think my experience with real estate started in 2003 when I obtained my license, but the truth is my experience goes back to 1978 when we bought our first house.  I don't remember much about the transactions that got us into the home, but I do remember the excitement of buying our first home.  Later, I came to know the aggravation & frustration of home ownership, but also the pride in having my own castle even if it was only 1100 sqft with no moat or drawbridge! 

In 1984, I got my real dose of real estate, when I partnered with a friend and we bought 2 duplexes...wow, that was an eye opener....about going into partnership with a friend!  Talk about headaches, toothaches, backaches, and aches in places I didn't know about.  I still have the duplexes, but I did divorce my partner along the way.  Owning rental property, RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROPERTY, is an experience in real estate like no other.  It can be very profitable, but you have got to have the temperament for it (or get a good property manager).  When I think I have seen & heard it all, a tenant will call and it's a new world all over again.  Anyway, this gives you some idea that when I say I know about the joys of owning real estate and the problems of owning real estate (such as, flooding from TS Allison), I really do know...been there done that!

In 2002, I started thinking, "I can't sit around the house, Ann is finding too many things for me to do!"  Actually, I just decided that with the experience I have in real estate, why not get my license and use that knowledge to help buyers and sellers through the process of buying or selling a house.  What my experience brings to the transaction is a depth of knowledge about the pitfalls & problem areas any buyer might face when looking for a home.  I don't hold myself out as an expert, but I do know when a buyer might need to use one.  I know what a seller needs to do to attract a buyer and how to not become a stumbling block to the transaction's close.  In 2003, I obtained my license and proceeded to the business of serving buyers & sellers in the real estate world.

In all the transactions that I have completed, by far the ones that I have enjoyed the most are the first-time buyers.  They are perhaps the most anxious about getting into a home - ANY HOME - that it really takes some effort to focus them on the RIGHT HOME!  There is a lot of excitement when they get the keys and they know that their dream has finally come true.  They can also be the most pessimistic about getting a home and any delay (seller doesn't respond fast enough, docs are late, etc) will set my phone to ringing.  They are just seeking assurances because they have moved outside their comfort zone and they just want to know if this is normal or should they panic.  That is where calmness and confidence on my part will put them at ease (as much at ease as they can get).

I am going to be brief about my designations simply because they only represent what I have achieved professionally and only add to my knowledge base.  The real test is not in the classroom, but when I am face to face with a client and I am able to offer him /or her solutions to the questions & problems that arise in every real estate transaction.  The two designations that I hold are GRI & ABR. 

For more information about my real estate course work, you can go to the following link:


Any questions, feel free to call or email me.  I enjoy making new friends!  


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