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              Advertising and publishing – together at last.

Imagine your local Advertising source allowed you to place an ad then turn around and pay you a few months later..We actually found a company  This is an advertising company that helps both advertisers and website owners capitalize on the power of the web. The Internet is an authoritative marketing tool that tends to remain largely unaffected by the global economy whether be it strong, weak or even in recession. Offering affordable and effective marketing opportunities, Banners Broker is an extensive online advertising network with large scope and targeted reach.

                               How It Works

As an advertiser: Register your business. Specify how and where you want your advertisements to be displayed in terms of impressions, industry and geographic location. We display your ads on websites within our network that match your criteria. You monitor and evaluate the results of your ads through our comprehensive online tracking system.

As a publisher: Register your website. Tell us about your website's topic, industry and traffic statistics. We match targeted and relevant online advertisements to your business and display them on your website. You earn advertising revenues for each impression you generate. Easily keep track of your earnings through our complete online reporting system.

With a Combo Package: Register and purchase one of our Combo Packages. Give us information about the business you want to advertise. Banners Broker supplies you with several publisher sites where you earn advertising revenues while we simultaneously advertise your business on other websites in our network. While you pay for advertising, you're earning revenue to offset your costs.




                                OUR MISSION

1) A program that works. We focus on achieving desired results for our advertisers and publishers.

2) A program that works for everyone. Banners Broker has options to suit businesses of all kinds so that what worked for so many others can work for you too.

3) A program that works in the long-term. Our program has foresight, growth potential, solid management and cutting edge technology. We're in it for the long run.


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