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San Antonio Real Estate  represents a growing audience of Innovated Thinkers…Where Tradition  Is A Thing Of The Past . . .
Mortgage Note Relievers would like to give you a chance to think outside the box when it come to alternative financing. The days are gone when you had to depend on banks for financing... Now there are more options than you can imagine.  Allow us to introduce you to strategies and concepts which are available in the real estate market. No matter how the market may appear on the outside, there are ways to get around it and help you obtain your financial goal(s).

How We Help You

We Show  how THEY can be the bank with the use of “Owner Financing” or “Owner Will Carry”. We show buyers the perfect way to purchase a home without bank financing. Low credit score, or no credit, you will still be able to buy a home. When buying traditionally, you may not qualify… Work with Mortgage Note Relievers and see Alternative Financing at WORK!

The integrity of alternative financing must be enforced at all time when dealing with sellers, buyers and other real estate professionals.
Sellers once  you have learned how to get your property on the market with Owner financing, your next goal is to make sure your real estate paper (note) is worth itself in gold. If you are not sure what your NOTE is worth we have note  professionals who you can assist you. Need help  prior to closing a note deal. Attorneys if you have clients who have real estate paper(s) or who need to create a note which will provide them top dollar when its time to sell Mortgage Note Relievers is here to help.

For sale by owner (FBSO): I understand you prefer doing it yourself, no problem, however, I know strategies that will give your home selling a big boost, our consultants are  to give you a helping hand.

Real Estate Professionals If you carry back your commission when selling a property or you know other  realtors that have notes you could be losing sales and cash. How abreast are you on seller financing or the note business?  Have any of your clients ever asked you, "do you participate in owner financed transactions", and you don’t? What you don’t know about seller financing transactions can hurt you.  Allow me to help you become the expert in negotiating  seller financing transaction don’t lose any more commission on  listings, sale or close of escrow.  I have consultants  who will walk you through the process.

Attention! Attorneys, CPAs, and Financial Planners  help your client by creating positive cash flow through Title Holding Trust, selling monthly payments,  and other transactions that laying on the table. Let us help you put money in your clients pockets by requesting a Professional Appraisal on notes your clients have at hand.
Note Sellers Why wait when you can get cash now, by selling your note for the least amount discount.  You do have options. Why not sell a portion of your note? What ever you need we are here to help you through the transaction.

We are here to surround seller, buyers and the real estate professionals with creative and innovative ways to approach the real estate market today. Visit us at:



We specialize in" Owner Financing Representation". We show  owner finance property owners (sellers) Innovated ways to sell their mortgage note and collect a huge lump sum cash. We assist first time note buyers through the buying process of a note. It doesn't matter which position you are in selling or buying, we are here to help you through the process. If you would like to list your owner finance property on our blog Our Consultants are here ready to lend a helping hand, you may contact a consultant at 210-548-7399 or email: for more information.


Consultants for owner financed property note holders and note buyers. We assist note holder through the sale process of their motrgage note and/or property. We assist buyers through the buying process