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In addition to the promotion services, Jay Allen may be best known for voice talent.  Jay Allen records all voice overs via digital technology and provides them by Internet download, email, CD or any method you need. Jay provides a professional male voice for almost every budget.

Jay Allen's previous projects include television commercials, radio commercials, promos, voicemail, phone systems, on-hold messages, training/business presentations, web sites, documentaries, on-camera, and live announcements/emcee.

Your voice over will be recorded with high quality digital sound including mp3, wav and aif. And you save money by not having to cover the cost of ISDN connections and equipment.


Bobby Jindal - America's new Sarah PalinPosted: 2/28/09

In 2008, the nation was introduced to a new GOP "star" - Sarah Palin.  Earlier this week, with the Republican response to The State of the Union Address, the nation was introduced to the next GOP "star" - Bobby Jindal.

During his speech, Obama spoke to his listeners as though he were speaking to adults.  Jindal spoke to adults as though he were speaking to children of the 19th century.  During Jindal's response to Obama, he also claimed that he worked in the trenches to combat Hurricane Katrina.  He even made reference to a deceased sheriff with whom he supposedly worked.  Jindal has now retracted this claim, because it is not true.

Regardless of Jindal's lie, it is evident that the GOP appears to believe that finding an "ordinary" person to lead is a priority for the future of its party.  However, the fact is that the United States would have probably never been established had it been left to ordinary people like Palin and Jindal.  It was visionaries like our current president that made this country into what it is.

Pop quiz... Which of the following people were average?
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Henry Ford
C. Martin Luther King, Jr.
D. Ludwig van Beethoven
E. Albert Einstein
F. Benjamin Franklin
G. None of the above

Obviously the answer is "G".  The most influential people in history have not been average, they have been extraordinary.  Change any of the people listed above to "average" and our world would be a much different place and likely a much less desirable place to live.

By historical standards, the Democrats have an extraordinary person with Barack Obama.  While the GOP is still convinced that it needs Mr. or Ms. Ordinary.


Bush was successful at... Posted: 1/18/09

In the waning days of the Bush Administration, George Bush and Bush supporters have defended him by saying, if nothing else, he was successful at preventing another terrorist attack on US soil.  However, these same people would never say the same thing about Bill Clinton.

Five weeks into Clinton's presidency, the World Trade Center was bombed.  For the next 7 years, 10 months and 3 weeks President Bill Clinton protected America from any additional domestic attacks by Islamic radicals.  Clinton also did this without invading other countries - especially ones harboring massive oil reserves.

So, if Clinton was not praised for his ability to protect our country, why should anyone praise Bush for "preventing" another terrorist attack?  Based on our economy and our stressed military, one George Bush has done more damage to our country than one thousand Osama bin Ladens.
It is also worth noting that Connecticut-born Bush is selling his ranch in Crawford, TX - the one he bought in 1999 when this "cowboy" started his campaign for the presidency.  What kind of cowboy sells his ranch to live in a recently minorities-excluded (except for maids) subdivision?


Bush may Deserve Nobel Peace PrizePosted: 11/1/08

Al Gore was dull and boring, even Gore and bore rhyme. But George W. Bush was far from a bore.

With questions, George Bush was frequently at a loss for words or creating words, which made him appear spontaneous and ordinary. Many people voted for Bush because he was more "likeable" than Gore. Therefore, in 2000, voters (along with the US Supreme Court) decided that our country needed an average, likeable guy rather than an intelligent, accomplished one. Eight years later, we are paying a hefty price for having Mr. Ordinary as President.

In 2008, Ms. Ordinary is now campaigning to be the Vice President to the oldest presidential nominee in US history. However, it seems that enough people are beginning to realize that they will never meet, much less have a beer with, a presidential nominee - so, it makes no difference if the candidate is likeable - the United State needs a leader that is intelligent and healthy enough to be capable and effective.

John McCain likes war (100 years in Iraq) and Sarah Palin believes that the world may be coming to an end (her church makes Rev. Wright look like a comedian). Thus, WWIII is much more likely with McCain/Palin... McCain will create war(s) and Palin should see war as simply a part of "end times". Prior to Bush, Americans had not seen how much damage a dimwitted president could cause. With Bush's exceptionally low approval ratings, it's evident that many Americans realize they made a mistake by electing Mr. Ordinary. So, without Bush, many Americans would make a mistake by voting for Ms. Ordinary. Thus, Bush has done his part to avert World War III.

Honorable Mention for Nobel Peace Prize - Tina Fey for making a mockery of a conceited, arrogant and uninformed candidate.


Health Care is a Right Posted: 10/12/08

It's been nearly a week since the second presidential debate. In hindsight, the statement that stands out the most to me is Obama saying that health care is a "right". The founding principles of our country include certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We have national defense to protect all Americans from death by attack. We have government imposed speed limits to protect all Americans from death by high-speed crash. We have government sponsored police and fire departments to protect all Americans from death by murder or fire. Why should we not have government sponsored (universal) health care to protect all Americans from death by disease?

No bailout is/was needed...
To reverse this nation's economic crisis, I would argue that universal health care is the best answer. Most people that do not have employer sponsored health insurance are working a lower wage job and cannot afford to buy an individual policy (the same people who are likely to have a subprime mortgage). If you're one of those people, McCain's $5k tax credit does nothing, but add insult to injury. People would be able to afford mortgage payments if they did not have to pay for health care. Universal health care would result in a healthier, more productive population, fewer bankruptcies and no need for any bailout, because many more people would be able to afford to pay their mortgage.


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