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Fun fact: my favorite thing to do besides real estate is racquetball. Someday I hope to play professionaly on the US Open tour. I also enjoy squash, tennis and all other racquet sports.

For any mortgage inquiries please contact me through my website at https://mortgagebrokermike.com/ or by phone

Credit repair industry: EXPOSED

If you only do 3 things today- complete steps 1,3 & 4. Technically the main drawback to the ‘authorized user’ technique is that you will now have a credit card in your name and you can technically make purchases on that account…this is, however, very hard to do if they shred the card and never activate it so with people you trust it can be a great tool if used responsibly. We need more credit history for you though, start building credit by getting your rent reported for 24 months thru rentreporters.com and I suggest going to some of these links below like nerdwallet and learning about using self lender as an easy way to get a new credit account reporting for you. Here are some links and resources to get started reading and educating yourself on this subject: Go to https://www.rentreporters.com/ Movement Bank does not endorse these 3rd party companies and they are merely suggestions NOT requirements, nor do I guarantee results but I have seen clients get great results with things like these. Here is a checklist below to get started on. Thank you and talk to you soon! 1. Read this: Here is the credit karma article on becoming an authorized user: https://www.creditkarma.com/credit-cards/i/authorized-user-credit-card/  Do you know anyone that might be willing to do this for you instead of you asking them to co-sign? This could skyrocket your score right away BUT even if you get it done- you should still pursue the other following steps in this email to help you achieve great credit for the long haul. 2. Open a free account at creditkarma.com to monitor your credit as it improves 3. Watch the video below- I explain some of the VERY BEST tips in detail about credit scoring and how to set yourself up with better credit to save yourself thousands of dollars with your finances. 4. Have https://www.rentreporters.com/ report 24 months of on time rent payments to the Transunion/Equifax bureaus. This requires a small fee but is worth it. This only reports to 2 or the 3 major bureaus but I suggest you and your wife do it and have her do it for at least 12-24 months (ideally 24). ALSO- enable the rent reporting for current and future rent reporting when you’re setting this all up 5. Have Mike re-pull your credit. Monitor your credit scores on credit karma and watch them increase well into (hopefully) qualifying range with substantially better loan terms. Time to start getting FULLY preapproved with your new credit profile. 6. Start seriously shopping for homes with your realtor and get ready to make an offer to buy your first or next home! This is some of the fine print from getting the rent reported: We do report 24 months past rental history to both bureaus, however Equifax is a little more picky about who they will allow us to report rent to. As long as you rent from a Property Management Company and they approve for us to report to Equifax for you, we can report to both.


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