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Have you ever wondered why mortgage brokers and real estate professionals have such a love/hate relationship. During my quest to find some answers to these questions I found out a few things...

1-Mortgage Brokers often ONLY view Realtors as a means to get their next deal. Rarely do they give their Realtor Marketing partners anything in return. (This is backwards if you ask me.)

2-Typically Realtors are left completely out of the loop when it comes to the processing of their clients financing for their new home.

3-Realtors, buyers, and sellers get to the closing table and one of several things happen.

Funding doesn't happen and there is a dry closing. Interest rate has changed. Closing costs have changed. Financing has a "small glitch" that the mortgage guy was absolutely, and completely unaware of.

Finding a good loan officer that provides top-notch personal service to get your clients closed quickly, and efficiently, is difficult. It can be next to impossible to find one who also provides services that will put money back in your pocket!

Our team realizes that when you refer a client to a mortgage professional, both your reputation, as well as your paycheck is on the line! This is why we feel it is important that you see what we can offer you and your staff:

We guarantee our interest rate. (no surprises) We guarantee our closing costs in writing. (overages are paid out of our own pocket) All conversations with clients, lenders, appraisers are updated on my website so that our Realtor partners can log in and see the status of their clients financing. So NO SURPRISES at the closing table.

What is this about?

My name is William Pryor, Some people call me Bill, some Will, some people call me a mortgage genius "cough", Well perhaps not a genius, maybe more of a mortgage guy that thinks outside of the box to help get deals done!

I've been in the mortgage business since 2001 and am currently one of three owners of Eagle View Mortgage in Inver Grove Heights, MN. Our company began in 2004 and moved into it's current location in 2005 when we purchased our building at the very PEAK of the boom in commercial real estate values. How do you like that for timing?

My focus is to help Realtors sell more homes. I know it sounds a little weird for a mortgage broker to be doing a lot of work to help a realtor sell more homes. However, I don't do it without an alterior motive.

You see, my thought process is this. If I demonstrate that I am not just on of those brokers interested in getting my next deal from whatever realtor happens to have one available, then perhaps I can prove to the realtors brave enough to come to my site and look and see what I have to offer, and allow me to earn their business.

How do I plan to do that? Well this site is the first step. I offer any Realtor Marketing partner that signs up for my site, a free "Real Estate Under Construction" Marketing Series. This series has lots of information and tips like, How to Dominate expired listings, How to get more referrals and much more. Once registered for the site you will receive 15 issues of Real Estate Under Construction, one issue sent to you once every 2 weeks. I also give my Realtor Marketing partners a FSBO program designed to help capture extra listings and give you the opportunity to represent those sellers when its there turn to buy.

I also am adding a new feature where I will host Real Estate Video Tours of my clients listings, this should be available come April 1st, 2011.

By demonstrating that I am truly interested in working with my Realtor partners and not just looking to see what I can get from them. I hope to prove to you that when you turn your valuable clients over to me for financing of their new home, you can truly sit back and count on that closing happening, when it's suppose too, under the exact terms your client agreed too. Isn't that how its suppose to be?


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Eagle View Mortgage has been around since 2004 and I have been in the mortgage business since 2001. Through all the ups and downs, I am still around doing just fine. However, I have a much different a