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Meystel Inc
Meystel is a real estate investment trust.
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Get to Know Meystel Inc

The real estate investment trust Meystel was established back in 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. This company is also considered to be a commercial real estate specialist firm.

In order to provide a diversified portfolio to their clients, Meystel invests in nationwide properties. The firm focuses mostly in retail space in inner-city locations of major Illinois cities and medium-sized centers around Chicago.
Furthermore, Meystel has included specialist stores and office buildings as well as practice areas, apartments, and parking spaces in its collection.

Since 2007, Meystel has become a publicly traded company, which operates a high-yield real estate, focusing on attractive retail space in central city center locations of major Illinois cities and middle centers as well as highly frequented specialist stores and profitable office and medical centers.
The Meystel company has an annual revenue of 758 200$ and employs a staff of 30 highly experienced professionals which is committed to help the average investor meet their long-term goals, and to deliver the best service and results possible.


Meystel is has build his reputation on its in-house building management expertise and responsiveness to tenants’ needs.

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Video from Meystel's Youtube channel in which is explained what are the REITs.


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