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Specializing in metro Atlanta area including Atlanta, Alpharetta and Suwanee. Client advocate utilizing current market data to strengthen negotiations & protect your money prior to & after closing.

Get to know James Tola

Choosing to work with an independent contractor such as a Realtor, loan officer, or any other professional pertaining to where you lay your head on the pillow at night means finding the right person to walk you through the process.  Often in real esate the buyer or seller is interogated about their ability to buy, motiviation to sell and all of the personal things that come up during the transaction.  I thought you might want to know a bit about me, as a person and not soley as a professional because transparency on both sides of the fence create an alliance that is hard to match when negotiating a purchase or sale ensues.  Where did I go to college you might ask?  Well, before I get into that know that I came from a family of six children.  We were sort of like the Brady Bunch although we did not have an Alice around to cook and clean. I graduated from Western Carolina University with a BSBA in Marketing/Economics.  WCU is known for being a rural rather than urban school.  Being in the mountains there is not a great deal to do as the closest town from campus is Ashevegas a.k.a. Asheville.  You either loved the mountains or ran screaming from the area.  I obtained my Middle School Teaching Certification from Georgia State University and taught for five years in Gwinnett County.  In 1995 I made my debut in real estate working for D.R. Horton Homes and Pulte Homes for 7 years.  I have also had the opportunity to work for Atlanta's biggest condo developer, Novare Group, for two years as a sales manager.  I have extensive knowledge of the Atlanta market working with buyers and sellers and have an amazing network of lenders, home inspectors, contractors and closing attorneys available to make the purchase and or sale of real estate straight forward and isn't that what we all want?


Beginning in 1995 I began aquiring extensive knowledge in new home sales that has given me the ability to dissect a part of town and get the inside scoop of an area and neighborhood.  That same drive to uncover the gems of an area is used today working with buyers and sellers.  It is most distressing to a buyer to find out they are being pawned off on a new agent because the area of town being considered has changed from the beginning of the search with their buyer's agent who now feels uncertain about the new territory.  How exhausting to begin all over again with personality, work ethic and strategy with a new agent.  It's like establishing a relationship with a doctor and then moving to a new practice having to educate the new doctor about your history all over again.  My former life as a teacher has served me well as I love to learn and stay on top of the mountain of new legislation affecting the real estate industry.  

Middle school is akin to being in the trenches with all manner of persons requiring a teacher's time, talent and energy.  I am thankful that I learned that being asked a question ten times does not even phase me.  My negotiation skills are tactful keeping all parties moving toward a closing.  It is similar to being across the table from a parent and sometimes needing to share unpleasant news about Johhny or Susie.  With honesty and a bit of empathy nearly any negotiation can take place.  Real Estate can be a win-win experience.

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