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The question before you if you are looking for an Agent is: why me?  I'm not a typical agent: I'm not in this to maximize income, I'm in this business to provide a service. I spent 35 years working in the Silicon Valley in various service sector jobs both with fellow employees and different federal agencies, I was always focused on providing the exact service required or contracted for - and therefore, for meeting or exceeding expectations.  When I became a Realtor I met a few agents who were all about the money including maximum commissions on listings and double-siding. And, I tried that process since this is my retirement job, but it was just not me. I took a certification course that really crystalized my thinking. The Certified Distressed Property Expert certification was all about helping people who were in the process of losing their homes and having their lives disrupted, sometimes when they were in their later years.  After a few shortsales I could see that my marketing niche was in providing people a real estate service and being straightforward and honest. It has served me well because clients consider me an extension of themselves and that allows us to work well together.  Call me, interview me, that's what I'm here for, so why not test the waters...And, Thanks!


OK, everyone is supposed to have a specialty, right? Being a Jack-of-all-Trades means you can do ok on lots of things, but nothing really good on anything in particular, right?  Well, not necessarily.  First of all, I'm a professional, a real estate Broker, I'm well trained and have almost 7years of experience in buying and selling both residential and commercial properties of all sorts, so does that me I'm some kind of specialist?  So, let me ask: are we talking about specializing in real estate, or people? Real estate just lays there, it doesn't talk and it doesn't walk. Real estate is basically information in various forms, a series of questions and answers that have to be sorted through. BUT, people, ahh, they walk and talk, they can tell you what they like and dislike with either verbal or non-verbal clues and to be a people specialist, you need to be a good listener because like real estate transactions, every person is different. So, I'd say that I'm a specialist in people who want to buy or sell real, why don't you call, and ask me to listen.


Experienced in buying/selling rural/horse properties, land, residential properties both stick-build and manufactured homes. Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).