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Title Defect Clearance Services Trying to obtain a release for a previously paid lien? reQuire is proud to offer Title Defect Clearance ServicesTCS is the accumulation of many efforts at reQuire. TCS has a proven track record to obtain unreleased institutional liens for previously paid loans. The service is critical to Settlement agents in time tested situations who are tasked with meeting deadlines for closings.At TCS, our professionals are trained to identify the lender or servicer authorized to sign a release to cure the title defect and procure a properly executed release or reconveyance. The fee for this service is $350.00 for 3 billable hours. We will identify the authorized person to sign a release in 3 hours or there will be no charge to you. What to learn more? Visit www.titletracking.com or contact defects@titletracking.com or call 888-541-0224.  

Release Tracking

Using reQuire is not only simple, it's infinitely more cost-effective than traditional tracking methods. Recoup your costs simply by including a $35 title tracking/release search fee. This $35 fee is charged to the seller in a sale, and a borrower in a re-finance.

When disbursing the payoff funds, use the reQuire Payoff Disbursement Generator to create your disbursement package. Our patent pending system automatically captures and electronically registers the critical recording information on the Mortgage within our tracking database.

The reQuire System automatically reports to you the status of the release or reconveyance of each Security Instrument in your individual webpage. This report is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are no set up costs for reQuire, and signing up is easy. Just click the UserID Request for more information and say goodbye to Post Closing Stress.


reQuire'sTM patent pending Release Tracking ServiceTM provides a revolutionary, no-cost, web-based tracking, reporting, and release solution to settlement agents, title companies and lenders. Our goal is to facilitate payoff and release communication between the payoff lender and the settlement agent, attorney or escrow company.

With reQuire Release TrackingTM, you can say goodbye once and for all to post-closing stress.


reQuire's patent pending Release Tracking Service provides a revolutionary, no-cost, web-based tracking, reporting, and release solution to SA, title companies and lenders.