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Tom Purcell started in mortgage and real estate way back in 1984. For Over a Quarter Century, honing the craft and art of Not Only Getting Loans APPROVED, but More Importantly FUNDED AND CLOSED.  One of his favorite sayings is;  "what good is a Rate Quote of 1/4 or 1/2 lower than everybody else gonna do the home buyer, when the Loan Never Closes??!   Gotta Fund the Loan in order to Close the R.E. Sale, right?

This Market is not for the weak at heart or stomach - and frankly if you've got experience Only Since the Roaring 2000's, then this market currently is giving you a World of Knowledge and Experience, trust me!  No offense intended to those with 6 or 7 years in R.E. or Mortgage Industry (if any of you left out there that is?) but c'mon, you got in when the "gettin was good" and now it's a completely different ballgame - Just stating the obvious. 

Battle-tested Experience, having gone thru a couple down-turns in past 25 years is What Sets Pinnacle Mortgage & Realty Group Apart  from the "newer" lesser experienced mortgage kids on the block. 

And Big Bank or Small Mom and Pop Broker - doesn't matter Really.  Big Banker Is Cherry Picking Deals and with a Bank you've Only Got One Place to Get Your Deal Funded -  Yep, you guessed it, Them or the Highway.  With an experienced, reputable, long time in community Independent Mortgage Broker - You get the Power of Multiple Lending Resources at our disposal.   Very Important Part of the Loan Process is this;  Knowing which lenders are actually Funding This Particular Month!  So Important, Experience and Battle Tested Knowledge..............

If you want Info on your transaction with No B.S. or outright lies about how far along your deal is in loan processing, and when will doc's be ready, etc etc etc etc, then Please give Tom Purcell a Call for fast, no b.s. talking in circles, just straight answers on your deal.  

After all, No Agent likes Finding out the Deal Isn't Funding Today, When Your Clients Have Moving Vans Ready to Unload and you can't hand them the keys when your loan agent promised you could?!    My Cell is listed somewhere on this homepage, call me for straight answers on your current transactions.


Res/Comm.  from $100k to $10 Mil and over.  Conventional, FHA, Non-Prime, Private Money, Multiple Borrowers on Title, Self-Employed, REsident Alien, First time buyers to Newport Coast $5 Million Loan Amount Jumbo Guidelines. 

Since 1986, "When the banker says No, Pinnacle says YES!"



Residential & Commercial Mortgage & R.E. Broker in Anaheim Hills, CA. Founded 1986. Sales, Listings, Loans both Res. & Comm. properties. Serving So. & No. Cali