Luis Madrid (CRE The Credit Restoration Experts)

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CRE Credit Services the total credit restoration company that helps to permanently restore your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage, a lower interest rate, and give a better quality of life.

Get to know Luis Madrid

A credit service professional with 2 years experience in helping people restore their credit.  I assist people who have less then perfect credit improve their credit scores so that they can qualify for the home loan, car loan, or that new job or a chance for a better life.  Also provide helpful tips on how they can maintain that credit worthiness once their derogatory information has been removed from credit report. Currently we have a success rate of permanetly removing removing over 70% of derogatory items of a clients credit report. We have the only 100% money back guarantee in the industry; 100% money back minus $50 for each derogatory account permanentlly removed.



We work directly with the not only the credit bureaus but also the creditors and collection agencies to permanently remove derogatory items off a person's credit report. We use the credit regulations to help restore a person's credit report. Our program last a maximum of six months. We have partnered with a debt settlement company that allows us to offer that service to our clients that have high unsecured debt. Their programs are aggressive where they can save clients money on what they owe. Like crdit restoration the consultations are free.

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