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Elizabeth Duenas
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Get to Know Elizabeth Duenas

Hello Active Rainers! It's a great excitement to be a part of this network and I will get more savvy and creative with my blogging as I go along.  I believe in jumping in the arena and getting marred then sitting in the stands watching.   

I have enjoyed working in so many different aspects of real estate from commercial to residential, it's all been a journey and I enjoy it all!

...watching the development of land into shopping centers, apartment communities, resorts working around the architects seeing from the beginning to finish and budgets (lotsa numbers - yes! Appraisals! assisted in all aspects of an appraisal to finding the value of a property for residential and commercial. Construction! Assisted the VP of Business Development and Marketing for Matt Construction, learned everything from proposals to contractors, trade shows, just an amazing industry.

ACTION of real estate! Customer service, without the customer there is nothing.  No matter what - customer service prevails. Guiding the customer, even if you can't help them, you can guide them to somebody who can. 


I am an Account Executive at American Lending in Rancho Cucamonga aiming to hire-on new brokers to Join American Lending at 100% commission base, no credit check.   If you're a broker and would like to add American Lending to your lending roster call or email me to set up appointment and I can bring you Broker Application packet personally or send to you via email.

If you're a lender yourself, we may have a product that you may not have that will help YOU help your buyer to achieve their goal. 

 If you're a realtor and you need a certain program for your buyer email or call me for assistance.  We have an FHA 580 FICO 95%LTV along with the Access down payment program and also the HOME PATH, no MI, no appraisal.  Email your scenario!   

Look forward to meeting you.  Elizabeth



American Lending is a privately owned Mortgage Lender in California opening it's lending channel in August of 2008.