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Being an experienced agent,with over 22 years "track record"  I have seen many changes in the industry. You must  keep "on top" of every Buyer Program that comes along in order to be as  informed as possible . You are enabled to assist your buyer in the purchasing of their home,and help your seller to sell!! . I  work hard,and I usually stay late.  I am licensed in both Arkansas and Tennessee. I work with anyone I can help .I do not discriminate whether the Seller or Buyer is a small sale or a large sale. I hold the designation as  "Life Member Multi-Million Producer". There are so many programs out there to help buyers in this Real Estate Recession!! As an informed Realtor I can then assist  my buyer in  whatever program they will qualify for, thus saving them money "out of pocket",that many of them don't have,and allowing some of them to purchase what they thought was "out of reach" for them previously. In this day and time You have learn to  be flexible, work a little harder and have basic knowledge of  the financing end,if you want to stay in this business. Some Realtors have "gone home" "til it's over". I am staying!! Bottom line is successful Realtors who will remain in the business,are the ones who will work a little harder,stay a little longer and try with all their heart to make a customers "dreams" come true with their purchase. When you see and feel the excitement and happiness of your clients ,with  end result  a "Win-Win" situation,you  truly are a "Success" Never give up!


I specialize in first time buyers - in fact all buyers- "down sizers","empty nest " or Corporate Sellers listing low or high end homes. I am knowledgable about financing,and make it a point to learn,so that I can help a potential client whether they are buyers or sellers,in today's market.  I hold a dual license in both Ar and Tn,and "Yes" I do work both areas!! I have always been flexible as a Realtor,and work with anyone I can help, which has allowed me to "roll with the flow" during the recent tough Real Estate times. I have always worked hard,and am able to solve problems you can come up against as a Seller or a Buyer in this economy. So the current real estate "slow down" has not transformed me !!I am still here when other agents have given up and "gone home".  I don't listen to all the "doom and gloom" the News media broadcasts,and encourage my clients not to listen, since much of it is based on sensationalism.I will help any prospect that wants help whether it is a small or large sale! I believe in working right along with clients and establishing a relationship where they know they can depend on me for guidnace in their transaction. Call me -You'll see!!!


Realtor 24 years,"Life Member Multi-Million Producer",experienced REO Agent. A "night owl" with varied interests,Delta Arts,reading club, enjoy children,grandchildren,genealogy.