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Lenders United was founded with the sole intentions of a customized free service for loan production offices ( LPO’s) and branch managers seeking other opportunities. We represent all of the top banks in the country expanding retail mortgage divisions. The new mortgage industry is ever changing and there are a magnitude of reasons to look into other banks and correspondent lenders. Through our strict due diligence process, Lenders United represents several top 25 banks in the country with a federally charter license for the last 100 years. In addition, Lenders United represents the best correspondent mortgage banks for net branch opportunities. 

Loan officers and branch managers should never get too complacent in their current situation. The amount of time vetting companies in today’s industry is extremely daunting. Lenders United is only successful if you are successful, therefore our company’s mission is to find you a mortgage bank you can call home.


Lenders United is a performance based recruiting company for mortgage branches. Lenders United focuses on mergers and acquisitions of mortgage branches. Our goal is to expand banking operations by providing a custom financial assessment to mortgage branches strategically guiding branches toward banks that will better fit their needs and requirements. Lenders United contracts with banks to expand their branch operations while jointly recruiting branches.

Our contracts are performance based with no out of pocket expense to banks or branches. Our goal is to match branches and banks for a cohesive fit. If you are interested in expanding your branch operations or looking for a new branch opportunity do not hesitate to contact me at

For Branch Managers- We will provide all the due diligence needed to find you the best fit and the greatest compensation plans for members of your branches.

Banks- We will expand your business and generate further revenue at no out of pocket expense.


Lenders United is recognized as one of the industry leaders in placing full service mortgage net branches into banks.