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 Reasons to trust Mark Hammond with your loan:

*17 years experience brokering loans*Former head of Alternative lending over Utah for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage*He's a creative pro at structuring loans for best possible results*He runs his business like a pro, with follow up and service after the closing for years to     come.*He's a really good singer and guitar player, he may sing you a song on the phone;)*He's a credit expert - He knows how to turn people's credit around *Closings will go smoothly and he will be there*He's accountable and accepts responsibility*He knows the market - what CAN be done, and what CAN'T*He's a home equity line specialist - Beats banks on rates & costs (usually none) *Professional website full of valuable info, testimonials, and convenient 24/7 on-line application*30-40 wholesale lender relationships*He has two professional experienced processors*He's a mortgage broker, which is better than a bank


* Brokers have better rates because they get them wholesale vs banks' retail rates* Brokers have every company in the industry at their fingertips.  Banks have only their own loan programs.  Brokers can find you better terms and rates because they can shop dozens of lending companies.* Brokers usually have less overhead than banks and therefore can have lower fees, and there are NO extra fees that only brokers charge.* Brokers are tested and licensed with the state and kept up to date on things through mandatory continuing education (bank loan officers are not licensed and are not required to complete any continuing education)* When Mark worked for a large bank, management told the loan officers "if we had the lowest rates we wouldn't need you guys" (meaning the loan officers).  Banks use their "trusting" banking relationship to charge higher rates to their customers.

Mark actually does shop your loan to the top companies with the lowest rates on that day.  "You might wind up with a shark if you don't call 808-MARK."   801-808-6275


Mark Hammond, the most experienced broker in Utah & CA. All the best tools to assure you the best loan. Reverse Mortgage is our specialty, but we've done it all for years!!!