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Latino Real Estate Roots

Seeing beyond the broken gate to see the flowers beyond the gate

(Published on LatinoLA)

He's an artisan of a different kind. He sees houses and creates homes. He sees a prospective buyer and sculpts until he creates a homeowner. He connects buyer with seller and creates roots. And it's been 28 years worth of roots that connect him to perhaps the most powerful influences in the country: Latino homebuyers.

George B. Izquierdo, President of Las Casas Realty in LA?s Highland Park community, is known as an artist. Like Michelangelo said "I saw the angel in the marble and I just chiseled until I set him free" Izquierdo sees a home when others only see a pile of rocks. We all know a rock pile ceases to be a pile of rocks the moment a single man contemplates those rocks as a cathedral.

Since the late 1970s Izquierdo has been a man of such vision. A native of Ecuador, and married with a family of three, Izquierdo envisioned not only the need of the Hispanic community but their ability and willingness to be homeowners. At the age of 30, he set out to turn his vision into reality. Today, Las Casas Realty is thriving and bursting with success and opportunity. George Izquierdo continues to serve but in ways others only now are dreaming of.

Las Casas Realty is a buying and selling agency. It is a loan qualifying entity, and a mortgage loan broker. And Izquierdo offers entry-level, mid-level, and professional employment opportunities to hundreds of Hispanics in greater Los Angeles, serving as mentor and leader. "After all, to be first, we must first be servant," he says.

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