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When you call RPM Mortgageyou get straight talk, no hype,  and full disclosure along with total transparency from word one through the closing of your loan.  We always expect you, the consumer to shop for the best rate and the best deal, the best priceand so forth!   Let's take them one at a time

Best Rate - In order for any loan officer, loan agent, loan consultant or any person that can originate a Lafayette Mortgage, Lafayette Home Loan, or a Lafayette Refinance, or any other type of home loan, it is impossible.  Why you ask?  If a person could give you the "Best Rate."  they would have immediate access to every lender available at the time they quote you a perfect Best Deal -The best deal is the total at the end that you look at and the total cost you are going to have to pay to complete the loan transaction for your Lafayette Mortgage,  Lafayette Home Loans, or your Lafayette Refinance.  The total of the transaction has a lot to it. there really is no free of cost mortgage loan for Lafayette Mortgage or Lafayette Home Loans, or Lafayette Refinance of your Lamorinda Real Estate. No Cost Loan - Hogwash! There is only one place those "No Cost Fees" show up, in your rate! So when you are shopping for your Lafayette Mortgage to search for a Lamorinda Home, or your are searching for a home and a Lafayette Home Loan, or a Lafayette Refinance, remember to have the loan officer describe every fee he or she is charging you.  If they have one ounce of hesitation to answer your questions, YOU hesitate turn the other way and call me. I will take you through every inch of the transaction. Why?  Because this transaction for your Lafayette Mortgage, Lafayette Home Loan , or Lafayette Refinance is about you, and only you!

RPM Mortgage Home Office and Steve Snyder will always give you straight talk, no hype, just the truth and total disclosure from word one.  I don't make any money unless I  your loan.

RPM is in business with the single focus of originating Lafayette Mortgages, Lafayette Home Loans, and Lafayette Refinance Mortgage Loans for your Lamorinda Home Loan search Tool, it is FREE! 

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RPM has provided Lamorinda Residents Lafayette Home Loans since 1995. Your Lafayette Home Loan Expert will help you Lafayette Mortgage Loan or Your Lafayette Home Loan Refinance