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Karl Peidl
Accredited Loan Consultant
location_on Moorestown, NJ
Get to Know Karl Peidl

     As a mortgage consultant, my job is to provide my customers with what is likely to be the largest debt they will ever have in their lives.  I believe that this obligates me to personally ensure they have the proper understanding and resources to effectively manage this debt.  I do this by spending a portion of each and everyday using resources such as the Mortgage Market Guide and the Loan Toolbox to make sure I am at the top of my game.

     My responsibility starts by evaluating each individuals needs and goals to determine the best way to structure their mortgage.  From time of pre-qualification through the day of closing, my customers and realtor partners know that I will be with them every step of the way.  Communication and education are the most important pieces of the puzzle.  These basic ideas ensure that we will be at the closing table on time and that everyone has a smile on their face on day of settlement.

     Watching my customers be handed the keys to their new home is only the first step in my journey with them.  Through the use of newsletters, market updates, and annual mortgage reviews, my clients know they can count on me to be here for them should their situation or market conditions change.  Whether they are in need of stepping up to a bigger home, refinancing their existing mortgage, or enrolling in a mortgage acceleration program, I will guide them through the maze of options and assist them in making the right decisions.


Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage Corp.... Our staff have been fulfilling customers' real estate financing needs for 25 years.  Using today's advanced automation systems, we provide our borrowers with tools and resources to make obtaining a mortgage loan from us a fast and efficient process. Offering a wide selection of products, great rates and flexibility, we tailor mortgage solutions to meet our borrower's needs.


What We Offer:


A Simple Mortgage Process Our borrowing process is fast, simple and hassle-free.  We have eliminated much of the paperwork involved in applying for a mortgage loan in the traditional manner.  With Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage Corp., you can inquire about a loan through the Internet, over the telephone or by fax.  If you have any questions, our dedicated loan consultants will be happy to assist you. 


Fast Credit Decisions and Closings Our online mortgage approval system expedites the loan approval by accessing national underwriting guidelines and confirming the conditions required for loan approval.  You no longer need to provide the excessive information and documentation that was required under the traditional application process.  As a result, it is possible for a loan to close within 14 days of receipt of the completed loan application and documentation (although we can't guarantee that every loan will close that quickly).


Big Savings Our automated systems and streamlined mortgage process have created an extremely cost-efficient mortgage operation.  We produce big savings for borrowers by eliminating the high-commissioned loan officer, acquiring loan sources with low rates, origination fees, points, and other charges, as well as negotiating reduced fees for escrow, title insurance, appraisal, credit reporting and other mortgage services.


Personal Service After submitting your loan application, a loan officer will personally assist you through each step of the mortgage process by helping you meet your loan approval conditions through coordinating the signing of your closing documents.


I am an Accredited Loan Cosultant with Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage Corp. I understand that each individual has their own needs and goals. My job is to find and recommend the best solution for you.