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Who We Are:  TFC West is first & foremost an education company. Our 65 chapter Credit Education and Debt Management book teaches you how to establish and maintain a valuable credit rating.  Our company began business in 1999 and has developed a proprietary disputing system based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 


Why are We different: Unlike the credit repair companies, we do not dispute what your credit is.  We dispute the credit bureaus right to publish any credit information about you for which they do not have documentable proof on hand which they are required to have by law.  To date, we have yet to receive any "proof documents" from any of the three credit repositories.  Without proof, they must permanently retract any disputed postings.


What is Section 609: This is the section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act which requires that any and all information reported on your credit report about you must have documentation on hand at the repository and be available to you at your request.


Our Company Record:  The Fulfillment Center LLC has been in business eleven years, has assisted over 155,000 clients and has never lost a single case!  We have never been provided a single proof document by any of the credit bureaus and have never been challenged Under Section 609 of the Fair Credit Report Act!



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We are a Credit Restoratin and Education company. We have an 11 year track record and have never lost a case. You have credit problems give me a call.