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Our mission is to provide our clients best possible financing options available in today's mortgage lending environment. We can realize your homeownereship dreams by offering you all the best advanages: Low rates, all types of mortgage program, guidance and advice from our experienced loan professionals.

We are committed to providing financial services that help our clients meet or exceed their financial goals and to achieve their personal dreams. Our focus is to establish a life-long wealth building relationship with our client.


Fixed Rate Mortgages

With fixed rate mortgage (FRM) loan the interest rate and your mortgage monthly payments remain fixed for the period of the loan. Fixed-rate mortgages are available for 40, 30, 25, 20, 15 years and 10 years. Generally, the shorter the term of a loan, the lower the interest rate you could get.

The most popular mortgage terms are 30 and 15 years. With the traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage your monthly payments are lower than they would be on a shorter term loan. But if you can afford higher monthly payments a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage allows you to repay your loan twice as faster and save more than half the total interest costs of a 30-year loan.

Fixed-period ARMs

With fixed-period ARMs homeowners can enjoy from three to ten years of fixed payments before the initial interest rate change. At the end of the fixed period, the interest rate will adjust annually. Fixed-period ARMs -- 30/3/1, 30/5/1, 30/7/1 and 30/10/1 -- are generally tied to the one-year Treasury securities index. ARMs with an initial fixed period beside of lifetime and adjustment caps usually have also first adjustment cap. It limits the interest rate you will pay the first time your rate is adjusted. First adjustment caps vary with type of loan program.

The advantage of these loans is that the interest rate is lower than for a 30-year fixed (the lender is not locked in for as long so their risk is lower and they can charge less) but you still get the advantage of a fixed rate for a period of time.

First Time Homebuyer Program
Anybody who has 2-year of solid full time employment can qualify for the first time homebuyer's program. Then your yearly income is used to estimate how much you qualify for. You must also have average to good credit. A middle credit score of 620 and above qualifies. Meanwhile, you get tax incentives.

Low-down Payment Program to Purchase Homes
You may be able to buy a home without your own down payment.  Up to 3.5% of the down payment can be asked from the relative, employer etc. and seller can contribute 6 per cent towards closing cost.  You may be able to buy a home basically with zero down payment.   You must be full-time employee or self employed. This is unique, because there's no money down.

Bad Credit Programs
Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Programs
We work with you and try to help you get a loan  so that you can payoff your debts and avoid foreclosure. We can do bankruptcy buyout, we can bail you out and get you back on the track. In fact, we can work with people that have credit score down to a 620.


We are HUD approved mortgage comapny. We are authorized to do FHA, VA, conventional loan in state of Maryland and Virginia. Good, Bad credit score is okay withus.