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Looking around for a good Real Estate deal? 

Whether you are seeking a place to call home, or checking out real estate to obtain cash flow, I can help YOU find what you are looking for. 



 In what Minnesota City would you like to live or own rental property?


 I specialize in the following cities:

Fridley, Northeast Mpls, Spring Lake Park, South Blaine, Moundsview, New Brighton, St. Anthony, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Arden Hills, and Shoreview.







 You are #1


 My business is about YOU, not me. 

Why should YOU work with me?  Because my clients have access to 7 non-MLS resources when looking for homes.  Have you heard of Shadow Inventory?


First-time home buyers want to work with me because I have patience, I will answer your questions without giving you the 'run-around', and when I bought my first home, my Realtor told me next-to-nothing.  When I look back, there are so many things I wish my Realtor would have said and done BEFORE I bought my first house.  THAT is why I make it my job to give YOU as much information as YOU may need or want. 


SELLERS - like to work with me because I can Tactfully tell it like it is.  There are certain things that home-sellers need to do and be aware of, so that they get the best price possible.  No one wants to price their house so out-of-range that people only look at the pictures on the internet and have no desire to go on out and touch-feel-and-see the house in person.

BUYERS - can do all the looking they want.  But if they do not have the education and skills necessary to stay on top of:

Questions you should be asking your Home Inspector Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes What you should know about Homeowners Insurance What to know about Title Insurance What you can do to improve your Credit What can FHA do for me What is a Rehab Loan Where can I get Downpayment Assistance

Questions like these, a Realtor is not only a good idea, but it makes sound Cents and will keep Dollars in your pocket.


My Philosophy: "People have an intrinsic need to relate to one another.  Great relationships consist of selfless love, forgiveness, and endless encouragement.  My Real Estate Goal is to add enough information, education, and assistance to the mix so that clients get what they want and friendships develop in the process."

YOU are special; Make someone glad they talked with YOU today!



Specific Areas of Interest

 Short Sales and Foreclosures are a sad and common occurance these days.  I have spent countless hours developing the skills necessary to help homeowners who are facing Mortgage difficulties avoid foreclosure.

Avoiding foreclosure is a lot of work, but certainly not insurmountable.

If you know of anyone in the cities of:

Fridley, Northeast Mpls, Spring Lake Park, South Blaine, Moundsview, New Brighton, St. Anthony, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Arden Hills, and Shoreview

Who are going through/or about to go through this terrible experience, send them to me so that I can help.  **THERE ARE NO UPFRONT FEES OR CHARGES.






I specialize in working with seniors who are looking to say goodbye to the big 'ole house that no longer suits them, partially because of all the repairs and maintenance that require attention.  Perhaps, it is time for Mom and Dad to move into a smaller home.  There are plenty of options out there to choose from.  From smaller homes like a senior co-op, or perhaps you think a friendly, active senior community is more their style.  You choose.  I'll help you discover what is available.




Call me with your questions and concerns.

For example: Why Continue to Rent, when you can Buy a Home and begin earning equity.  This Spring is a great time to and discover why.

You've got a "dream home" in mind.  Let's get together, talk about it, and find it!

What should a first-time homebuyer be asking?

How can I get involved in discovering homes for sale that are not even on the MLS?


Call now...and let's work together to get YOU what YOU want.






EXIT Realty Nexus: MY CLIENTS HAVE ACCESS TO 7 NON-MLS RESOURCES WHEN LOOKING FOR HOMES. I will help YOU get the REAL estate YOU are looking for while creating new friendships in the process.