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The Benefits of Modular Homes

1. Limited Number of Subcontractors
Generally, the modular builder contracts with a limited number of subcontractors. Since the majority of construction is performed in the factory, the modular has limited responsibilities. Most modular builders will subcontract out the foundation construction. In addition, the crane company and installation crew are usually subcontractors. This eliminates the possibility that your builder will have delays from a “no-show” subcontractor.

2. Manufacturer Responsibility
Since most of the work is performed in the factory, the manufacturer is responsible for all of the construction of the home only in the manufacturing facility. When a problem results from work done in the manufacturing facility (which is rare), the manufacturer corrects the problem. Consequently, ongoing problems with modular homes are relatively unheard of.

3. Regulation & Inspection
As a result of intense regulation and inspection of the home during construction, it is extremely rare that a home leaves the factory with a defect in design or manufacturing. The third party inspection services see to this and assume liability for their plan review and inspection responsibility. Additionally, since modular construction is regulated by the state, the state is typically involved in correcting the problem.

4. Superior Construction
The larger quantity of construction material used in the modular home results in enhanced structural stability. The material that is used is also often of higher quality than what a site built builder uses and the material is stored indoors until needed. Additionally, better construction techniques and higher control techniques greatly reduce the chances for unforeseen defects. This includes problems such as mold that could arise from moist lumber.

5. Reduced Construction & Assembly Time
The modular home is completed in the factory in approximately one-third of the time it takes a stick build home to be completed. This eliminates the possibility of an on-site construction related fire or other problems. The factory controlled conditions also eliminate the possibility of bad weather delaying the completion of your home. Furthermore, a modular home is not subject to delays from back-ordered materials or unreliable subcontractors. Once the home is delivered it is closed and sealed within days and the remaining on site work is completed very quickly. Within weeks, the home is available for the buyer to move in. Consequently, the neighborhood children won’t have a chance to play in your uncompleted home and there is no chance for vandals to damage the interior of your home.

6. Skills & Specialized Training of Modular Builders & Installers
Modular Manufacturers do not choose to deal with builders that are under-skilled and poorly capitalized. Manufacturers have a set list of builders they deal with and are in constant communication with these builders to update them on new techniques and changes in the industry.

7. Financing
Modular Homes are financed in the same manner as conventional homes.

The Basis of Modular Construction
1. Modular Home: A modular home is a home constructed in multiple sections in a factory. It is built to the same building code used by conventional site-builders and is transported to the new home site where it is placed on a permanent foundation.

2. Modular Manufacturer: A company that constructs modular homes in multiple sections inside a controlled factory.

3. Modular Builder/Contractor: The company that sells the home to the homebuyer and is responsible for ordering the home from the manufacturer. The modular builder constructs the foundation for the permanent installation of the home and is responsible for some finish work after the home has been installed.

4. Modular Installer: A subcontractor who specializes in the installation for the modular home on the foundation.

Modular Homes vs. Site Built Homes

1. Modular Homes Are Quicker To Build. From the time you place your order, even when the factory is hopping busy, you can get a two module home delivered to your site in eight weeks or less and you can move into your home within a few weeks. From the time you place you order, the average site built home takes six to nine months to complete.

2. Modular Homes Appreciate In Value The Same As Site Built Homes. All Things being equal (Location), Modular Homes appreciate in value in the same step as site built homes.

Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Trailers

1. "Manufactured Homes possessed poor ability to withstand the high wind loads generated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992” Quote from FEMA Publication following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.



In-depth information about building a Modular Home in the Keys. Building a home in Paradise was never this easy.