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Dallas , TX 75230

Ken Stampe is a Marketing Professional, Author and Instructor living in Dallas, TX. Ken works with small companies helping them develop an internet marketing and branding plan.

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Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create an internet branding plan Crafting a branding plan that makes it inexpensive for small businesses to incorporate into their current marketing Designing branding plans that highlight the uniqueness of the company, product and/or service Assisting small businesses from having to hire a full or even part-time professional online marketing specialist Follow-up with clients to re-design that which isn't working and to make sure plans are implemented

All of my branding design plans are easy to implement and use for a small business owner or sole proprietor. My specialty is in working with clients who have little to no internet marketing experience other than perhaps a static website. I am not a consultant for high-end web development or SEO. Instead I am the perfect fit for a business owner who wants to get online with marketing but doesn't know where to start and needs a consultant who will coach them and educate them along the way.

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