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In foreclosure with no help in sight? Let RAMAN KANDOLA, real estate psychic, attract the right buyer to you quickly.


KANDOLA MORTGAGE SERVICES Welcome! We are a powerfully formed team of private lenders loaded with UNLIMITED FUNDS, and a one stop organization for ALL of your Business Financing needs, Commercial Real Estate Mortgages, Development, and Purchasing, Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing, Equipment Leasing, Purchase Order Financing, and MANY MORE types of Financing for Companies or Entrepreneurs in ALL Industries. So very often we are the ones that say "YES!" when the banks say "NO." We look at credit history, collateral, assets etc, but we believe strongly in our ability to treat you and your business with specialized attention and to explore every possibility for financing available to you. Note: We do NOT finance residential properties at this time---only COMMERCIAL...however we DO BUY residential and other mortgage notes, trust deeds, and land contracts, and give lump sums of cash to both individuals and companies for these notes! Following is an abbreviated list of what we offer you or your business: BUSINESS LOANS of all types. COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES for the purchase, development, and rehabilitation of land and buildings. MEDICAL ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING for all purposes. Turn your idle receivables into instant CASH. APARTMENT BUILDING FINANCING and Financing to Buy, Build, Refinance, or Rehab the following: OFFICE BUILDINGS, SHOPPING CENTERS AND STRIP MALLS, MINI-STORAGE FACILITIES, MOBILE HOME PARKS, INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS OF ALL TYPES, HEALTHCARE FACILITIES-HOSPITALS, NURSING HOMES, MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDINGS, MEDICAL CLINICS, ETC. INCOME PRODUCING PROPERTY PROGRAM FOR LOANS OVER $2 MILLION. We have lenders who specialize in low-interest, fixed rate, long-term, non-recourse financing for commercial income producing properties. SMALL COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES both FULL DOCUMENTATION and LOW DOC (Stated Income). Very low minimum loan amount. We can also assist with the following commercial mortgage loans: HARD MONEY REAL ESTATE LOANS/SBA MORTGAGE LOANS/REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT LOANS/RAW LAND LOANS. FACTORING and STANDARD ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING is available for companies with hard assets. MERGER AND ACQUISITION FINANCING. Leveraged buy outs (LBO's) can often be achieved using a combination of debt and equity. PURCHASE ORDER AND LETTER OF CREDIT FINANCING. Finance and fill orders with little or no collateral except the purchase order from a well rated customer. DOCTOR, DENTIST, AND VET FINANCING- including funds for practice acquisition, equipment leasing, Practice start-ups, and working capital loans. EQUIPMENT LEASING. Collateralized by new or used equipment. BUSINESS CAPITAL SOURCES for selected, established companies.

 Get out of foreclosure NOW with the help of a foreclosure specialist WE ARE THE ULTIMATE FORECLOSURE BAIL-OUT SPECIALIST Get out of foreclosure before its to late. Are you in need of help? Are you in foreclosure? Are you currently behind in your mortgage or do you feel you are going to be behind in the near future? Let me help you. My name is Raman Kandola with Kandola Mortgage Services. I have many conventional and unconventional programs that can assist any need you have. Don't wait until its to late. Let help you now. We can go up to 75% LTV for foreclosure bail-outs for all properties in California and Colorado. KANDOLA MORTGAGE SERVICES 408-561-9967 kandolamortgage@gmail.com


  There are many reasons people refinance their homes. Typically they want to secure a lower rate, pull cash out of their home equity or sometimes both. At Kandola Mortgage Services we want to ensure that you understand the benefits and costs of a refinance.

  We will take the time to sit down with you to understand your situation and explain how we can get the right solution for you.

>SUB 500 FICO HARD MONEY RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL LOAN PROGRAMS *Blanket Loans up to $7,000,000. Unlimited #of properties. *True Portfolio Subprime Lender. *Jumbo Loans from $500,000 to $20 Million. *Credit Scores Below 500. *A through D Credit - (loans in foreclosure). *Up to 100% CLTV Down to 350 FICO!(LTVs will vary by state and by credit grade.*Purchases require a minimum of 20% Down borrowers own funds.). *No Maximum Debt Ratio - (must show ability to pay). *No Seasoning Requirements. *Foreclosure Bail-Out and Bankruptcy Programs. *Cross-Liens. *Trust/Corporation Loans. *Residential/Commercial. *Purchase Money and Refinance. *Loans to Foreign Nationals. Loan Amounts *Minimum property value: (HARD MONEY LOANS) $250,000Residential - exceptions can be made down to $100,000 $500,000Commercial - exceptions can be made down to $100,000 *Rates start at 9% and go up to 18% w/ 3 points for Residential properties & 5 points for Commercial properties. Rates are based on risk and reward expected. SUB 500 FICO PURCHASE & REFINANCE LOANS TIER I - HARD MONEY Residential Sub 500 FICO **75% LTV Full Doc 100%* CLTV Down to 350 FICO *70% LTV Stated 100%* CLTV Down to 350 FICO *65% LTV Stated 100%* CLTV Down to 350 FICO *60% LTV No Ratio 100%* CLTV Down to 350 FICO No Log Homes, Manufactured Homes or Rural Properties 5 Acre limit, must have 3 comps within a one mile radius less than 6 months old. *Rental Survey & *Operating Income Statement required. No "Cost to Cure" on appraisal. *Purchases require a minimum of 20% Down borrowers own funds. *AVAILABLE IN: ALL 50 STATES! **ONLY AVAILABLE IN: AZ,CA,CO,CT,FL,GA,IN,MN,MD,MA,MI,MN,MO,NY,OR,SC, FORECLOSURE BAILOUT LOANS *TIER I Up to 75% LTV ONLY AVAILABLE IN: AZ,CA,CO,CT,FL,GA,IN,MN,MD,MA,MI,MN,MO,NY,OR,SC, *TIER II Up to 70% LTV STATED! AVAILABE IN ALL 50 STATES! *TIER III Up to 85%-90% LTV ONLY AVAILABLE IN: - EAST COAST ONLY! No Log Homes, Manufactured Homes or Rural Properties 5 Acre limit, must have 3 comps within a one mile radius less than 6 months old. *Rental Survey & *Operating Income Statement required. No "Cost to Cure" on appraisal. TIER III GAP Refi *64 % LTV No Credit Check! - *Manufactured Homes on permanent foundation o.k. No leased land. AVAILABE IN ALL 50 STATES! REHAB "FIX -N- FLIP" LOANS *REHAB Up to 65% ARV N/O/O Residential ONLY! "Fix -n- Flip" Not available in: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana and Vermont Hard Money COMMERCIAL LOANS *Up to 75% LTV HARD MONEY COMMERCIAL LOANS - $100k-$200m *Up to 90% LTV with 600+ FICO Bridge, Mezzanine, Construction & Land Apartment Buildings, Medical Offices, Condo Complexes, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Office Buildings, Funeral Homes,Church Loans, Health Clubs, Golf Courses, Gas Stations, Auto Body, Dealerships, Restaurants, Industrial, Rehabs, Convenience Stores, Day Care Centers, Malls, Land Loans, Schools, Mobile Home Parks, Construction Loans, Airports, Warehouses, Marinas, Bed & Breakfasts, Storage Facilities, Strip Malls......... and much more AVAILABE IN ALL 50 STATES! *Some programs not available in all states.


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