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Our company produces (1) property line maps and (2) GPS coordinates for property corners.  We do this by using the property legal description, the survey if one has been made plus any online research we perform combined with first-of-its-kind proprietary software that we developed.  Although not survey grade, our goal is to produce maps and GPS coordinates that are within 30 feet of accurate on average.

The cost for most single tax parcels is $39.98.  Multiple adjoining tax parcels receive a reduced rate.

Since we rely primarily on the property legal description, we are able to serve the entire U.S.A. including counties that do not have any GIS system.  Also, since our maps are based on the property legal description we can map remote property that does not have any street address.  Since every piece of land has a legal description, every piece of land can have a property line map.

Maps are delivered either as JPG files or as an online link.  The JPG maps can be used on any real estate website that accepts JPG images and also incorporated into video tours.  A JPG map will show the property lines either on an aerial or on a USGS topographic map.  We search various government servers for the best aerial to use in our JPG maps.  

Have you seen real estate websites that use screenshots of an aerial image that obviously was taken from Google maps, Bing or Yahoo?  I expect there are a fair number of agents that are unaware that those screenshots violate the terms of service of those providers.

We can also deliver your map as an online link instead of a JPG file.  Each online link starts an enhanced Google map viewer we developed called Gmap4 and displays the property lines on various basemaps including the Google aerial and a high resolution USGS topographic map.  Our  website includes example online maps we have produced for clients in over 20 different states.

Is there cell service on property you have listed?  If so, you can open up the online map link with the browser on your tablet or smartphone while you are on the property.  Then use the geolocation feature that is part of Gmap4 and the map will center where you are standing.  Switch between the Google aerial and USGS topographic map while seeing the property lines on the screen and do it all right on the land!

You can try the geolocation feature of Gmap4 right now.  Go outside and open this link with the browser on your tablet or smartphone:
You will see the default map of the world.  Touch Menu ==> My location.  After you ‘agree’ the map will center where you are standing.  For the best quality topographic map, change the basemap to “t4 Topo High”.

In addition to the JPG map or online map, you will also receive a GPX file that contains a waypoint for each property corner.  These waypoints use the GPS coordinates that our system produced.  This GPX file can be used to load the corner coordinates into many kinds of handheld GPS units.  If you need to locate ‘lost’ survey stakes, these waypoints in a good quality handheld GPS will get you real close to where you need to look.


Our unique service produces property line maps. Most tax parcels are $39.98. See examples on our website. Maps are either JPG files or online links. Basemaps include aerials and topographic maps.