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Jonathan Bowen
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Get to Know Jonathan Bowen

    Jon is a Long Branch resident and an agent at the John C Conover Agency located in Asbury Park, NJ.   Jon has had his license for nearly two years, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Monmouth University in 2006.  Although Jon has had his license for only two years, real estate has been an interest for a lifetime.  Since a young child, Jon has been found crawling through construction sites, interested in the different features of all types of houses.  During the middle school years, and early high school years, Jon's father began to sell residential real estate and this sparked an interest for Jon as well.  Helping his father hunt down For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings was the beginning of his education in the process of helping people buy and sell real estate.  

      Buyer's and seller's should want to work with Jon because of his creativity and education in marketing residential properties.  Jon completed his bachelor's degree in marketing which also included a work study program with local master appraiser, Donald Moliver.  Jon's extensive knowledge of valuing property coupled with his experience in online marketing and customer service are all attributes of a successful real estate agent.  Although in today's market price seems most important, it is only a portion of the marketing plan for a home.  Buyer's and seller's should feel comfortable working with Jon as he is very easy to contact and always readily available. 


    Jon focuses his energy on developing business in the community of Long Branch, NJ.  This area is a beach town, home to the Pier Village, and soon to be developed Arts District on Broad Street.  The Pier Village opened for business just before the summer of 2006, and has been labeled in press releases as the "Shore's hippest spot."  Since its creation, the Pier Village has driven large crowds to it's beaches which had not been seen in years.  This burst of attention has created a buzz in Long Branch that has positively affected the reputation of Long Branch and it's real estate.  Popular condominium buildings along the ocean include the Villas at Harbour Isle, The Imperial House, Ocean Cove, The Renaissance, Ocean Plaza, The Pier Village, Beachfront North, The Bluffs, and the Sandcastle.  Condominiums are most popular in Long Branch, but are also complimented well with the residential neighborhoods of Elberon and the tight-knit community known as the West End. 

    Jon is most interested in helping current homeowners purchase a residence for vacation purposes.  Long Branch is a young, fun, and diverse town and it is very exciting introducing people to this area for the first-time in any aspect.  Introductions to the area can range from empty-nester couples looking for a condo on the beach, all the way to the students at Monmouth University looking for winter rentals with their classmates.  Much of Long Branch consists of a broad range of people including vacation home owners, college students, permanent and transitional residents.  Many students from Monmouth University begin school here with winter rentals to avoid the hassles of commuting, and eventually buy their first homes in the area.


Jon has been interested in real estate for a lifetime, and has began focusing on selling residential real estate for a career in Long Branch after graduating Monmouth University in the middle of 2006.