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Joe P. Sainz
Broker/Owner of 5280 Realty CO Realty Brokerage
location_on Denver, CO — 5280 Realty, Inc
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Joe P. Sainz III owns and operates 5280® also known as 5280 Realty®, a Colorado home realty Brokerage listing company catering to Denver Colorado Real Estate buyers/sellers, Investors, and anyone who desires to list their Colorado real estate property. Joe Sainz is a highly experienced Broker/Owner and a Denver Colorado native. JP Sainz has been heavily involved in the real estate market since 1999 and is a seasoned businessman and negotiation expert. Joe Sainz started in the virtual real estate market in 1999 developing his first realty listing website and creating a free Real Estate Listing System for the internet (Internet MLS based system). Mr. Sainz formed 5280 Realty® in 1999 and made 5280 Realty, Inc an official Colorado internet real estate listing resource in 2007 and called it 5280® ( If you want a real estate expert involved in your transaction who has also written a best selling book on real estate and real estate investing; “Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Riches” then call Joe Sainz to help you with your next real estate transaction. 5280 Realty® is Colorado's most innovative real estate marketing and mini website listing company to market Colorado realty via the internet. 5280® started in 1999 and officially formed in 2007 as  5280 Realty, Inc.

5280 Realty® operates over 50+ Denver Colorado real estate websites such as,, and many others as  to market Colorado real estate to potential realty investors throughout the United States via the WWW. All Denver real estate listings are posted on affiliated websites that allow for cross marketing and a great deal more exposure for Real Estate investors to buy and sell Colorado property virtualy.


Joe P.Sainz III owns and is the Employing/Managing Broker for 5280 Realty, Inc, a Licensed Colorado Real Estate Brokerage. 5280 Realty® has the greatest amount of expertise in utilizing the internet to Market your Colorado home or land realty via mini single home realty websites. Joe Sainz attracts Real Estate investors from Colorado and other states throughout the US desiring to invest in Colorado real estate. 5280® Realty specializes in Selling Home real estate and has experience in Colorado home foreclosures that are sold as Bank owned property or REO Homes and Land. Our websites like and make it easier to reach our RE Investors any where in the US. 5280 Realty® are experts at finding and marketing Colorado property that has a great deal of equity for our realty investors. 


Joe P. Sainz III owns and operates 5280® & 5280 Realty®, a CO home realty Brokerage. Joe Sainz is a highly experienced Broker/Owner. JP is a seasoned real estate & businessman and negotiation expert