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John L. Wood
Blog & Website Tuning For Real Estate Pros
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My mission is simple, help professionals get better exposure by building websites and strategies that support the effective use of online marketing tools. A smart website is always the core product. Whether it is your agency developed site, i.e. "Leadstreet" or a WordPress site configured with IDX content. These are always your primary portals with the broadest appeal across the broadest audience.

Supporting services include graphics design, social media strategies, photo and video production.

I also do editing for agents that would rather pursue listings than edit their mandatory agency lead management sites. To get the leads the site needs to first catch the traffic.

John L. Wood
WordPress & Multimedia
Carmichael, CA (Sacramento)


Business to Business, Business to Customer Same Skill Set, Same Attention to Detail Same Focus on Customer Service

Sales and marketing specific experience is based on 30 years of retail and B2B sales and management.

Currently I am a technology advocate that supports lead generation with strategic marketing initiatives and technology. Focus is on high impact electronic communication as well as implementing Call Capture (IVR) interactive voice response and direct response marketing strategies for Real Estate Professionals.

Related experiences include sales management, sales training, competitive shopping analysis, retail packaging, POP design, web design and SEO. I have been building relationships to complete B2C and B2B transaction since 1977.

I have also been a web designer and SEO engineer since 1995. Currently I focus on WordPress. I still get a lot of noses turned up at the mention of "WordPress". Folks think it is something for angry bloggers. Let me suggest to you that 17% of the world's websites are owned by "angry bloggers". So when someone smilles and offers me a polite no, I smile and quitely thing that they better not hope their competition decides that WordPress is a powerful web content management systen.

Since 1995 my set of tools also includes on-line marketing initiatives, including web design, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, lead generation, data capture, and Multi-media production.

I do have specific Real Estate Industry in the areas of active voice response, photography, video and agency-developed portals.


Advanced Lead Generation Strategies & WordPress Content Management including IDX integration. Available Anywhere in the USA.