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Our Group serves Southeast Florida Real Estate.  Our areas of expertise include Analysis, Marketing, and Customer Service.

As a team we stay on top of what is selling not only in our local markets but literally across the globe through our international colleagues.  We provide data to a national economist and benefit from his analysis of the economy. 

We pay attention to the National Association of Realtors Buyer and Seller surveys each year and make sure we the best marketing programs to target the marketing channels that buyers are using to search for and more importantly find the homes that they purchase.

Our Marketing Programs have been designed to target each of the key market segments where buyers find the properties that they purchase.  We have programs targeted at marketing to Realtors, the Internet, Signage and our "Friends, Family & Neighbors" programs all in addition to the "Traditional Real Estate Marketing" strategies.  We are actively engaged with the Florida International Real Estate Market

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