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I have a diverse background from a heavy equipment technician in the US Navy Seabees, to owning and operating an auto glass company, to perfroming service advisor and service manager jobs through the years.  My seemingly inherent people skills (so I have been told anyways) has brought me to the Real Estate Marketplace, and I am happy to be here.  I am always excited to help another fellow human when I can, whether I am able to help guide a person towards their goals, or I am able to relieve their stresses regarding an issue they cannot solve.  I have learned that my greatest happiness comes from actually helping other people. 

I am a trained and licensed home inpector, but I generally only perform inspections for friends and myself.  I grew up around the construction trade, as my dad was a contractor.  I feel fortunate to have had the chance to learn to do the basics.  This with my mechanical aptitude has allowed me to learn to do many things from car repair, to home renovations.  I even built a garage a few years ago at my current residence.   

I have a few years of college classes but no degree.  This has never hindered my ability to survive and thrive.  There are times I think it would be nice to have a degree, but now I don't know what degree I would get.  I can always go get one if I really feel the need i suppose.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a Rock and Roll song called "Closer to the Heart" by Rush.

"And the men wno hold high places, must be the ones who start, to mold a new reality, closer to the heart."


Realtor, Internet Marketing Specialist

Licensed Home Inspector (no, I do not perform inspections for my clients)

Math comes easy to me (not sure that is important... but I like it)

Passion for helping others

Humor keeps me sane.... I see humor all around me


I have an active sense of humor and tend to think silly thoughts and share them when I feel the time is right. I use humor to communicate often, and find it really set people at ease with me.