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Julie Miller-Hansberry
Helping YOU stay Top-of-Mind!
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I love helping Realtors & other professionals develop a marketing system that not only helps them keep in touch with their current clients, but also reach out to new ones!  There is nothing more important in your business than to stay at "Top of Mind" with not only those people that know you now, but the ones you will come to meet in the future, as well!

As busy professionals we all struggle with finding the time to do the things we really should do; proper thank-you's, follow-ups, etc.  I partner with Realtors, and other professionals and business owners, and help them design and implement what I like to call an "Appreciation Marketing System", that enables them to regularly keep in touch with clients by setting up an automated system that is personalized, customized, and delivered to your client's mailbox....not their email box.  All of this can be done for about $5 a year, per client!

Feel free to contact me for information on how I can help you and/or get you more information!  Although I am located in Washington, I work with clients around the globe.

I look forward to assisting you grow your business!

Julie Hansberry

Email:  julie@thehappymailmarketer.com

Phone/Text:  425-281-3094

Web:  www.thehappymailmarketer.com



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I help Real Estate & Industry Professionals stay "Top-of-Mind" with those that GROW YOUR BOTTOM LINE! How can I help you? Contact me for a FREE consultation!