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I was born and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley and have witnessed this wonderful community expand and shape itself overt the yeras. Because of my first hand experience I am able to bring unprecedented value to my clients. Prior to becoming a licensed real estate professional I was the proud owner and operator of a local retail store here in Santa Clarita Valley (Canyon Country) for 7 years. Since becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent I have taken great pride in my work while striving to not only deliver results, but to help my clients reach the goals they desire and expect. I continuously treat my clients with the respect, and loyalty they deserve and do so with a professional attitude. It is very important to me that I assure a successful, smooth transaction where my clients are satisfied with the results, along with maintaining a strong future relationship. To obtain this end result it is necessary that I not only earn my clients trust, and loyalty but work together with them to fully understand their needs.


I work with David M. Rendall of RE/MAX of Valencia who is a very well known, respected agent here in the Santa Clarita Valley. David Rendall has been practicing as a Professional Real Estate Agent for approximately 9 years, and in addition to being a successful Realtor/Broker Associate, David is also an Attorney specializing in various areas of Real Estate Law. I met David at the local college when I attended a Real Estate Course that he was teaching, upon completion of the course he asked me to join his office as a Buyer's Agent. The opportunity, experience and knowledge gained since joining his team has proved to be invaluable, and I have been very satisfied with all aspects of his work ethic, attention to detail, thoroughness and knowledge he delivers and thus passes on to me.   


I deal with both Sellers ad Buyers, but have been focusing and specializing more with First-Time Buyers and repeat Buyers as I enjoy seeing the satisfaction that follows a successful home purchase. Furthermore with the current situation in the market place, more Buyers are able to purchase due to increased affordability and favorable interest rates. I specialize in real estate throughout the Santa Clarita Valley which includes the communities of: Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, and Castaic, and will occasionally service parts of the San Fernando Valley.


Over the years, it is no secret that the real estate market has seen a great amount of downward pressure which was caused by various occurances such as: Buyers refusing to pay for homes with largly inflated prices; Adjustable Rate Mortgages resetting; Interest Only Loans coming due and homeowner not being able to refinance due to decreased housing values; increased unemployment which causes some home owners to loose their jobs or take salary cuts leaving them unable to make their mortgage payments; and additionally with the descent in pricing many home owners may simply find it easier to walk away than to pay for a home that is worth significanly less than what is owed (which never helps the situation). Whatever the case may be it has been happening and when you have home owners in distressed situations, homes are sold either as Short Sale homes whereby the mortgaged amount owed on the home exceeds the amount of what the home will sell for today, and thus lien holder(s) consent is needed to proceed with sale which can take anywhere from weeks to several months. If these homes are not sold as short sales or the home owners never attempted to sell short, the properties eventually become available on the open market as Foreclosure Properties; also referred to as REO Properties.


In March of 2008 the Santa Clarita Valley witnessed its greatest influx of Foreclosure/REO Properties that seemed to sustain through the end of the year. As this happened a large number of Buyers and Investors entered the market place as there was a realization that affordability and the time to purchase was here. Coming into 2009 the available inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley has tightened up dramatically, and many Buyers are experience fierce competition as most homes have multiple offers on them, and are selling within days of becoming available on the open market for list price if not exceeding the list price - including short sale homes which often times cannot go through the escrow process within a 30-45 day time frame. But what does all this information mean? I believe that the market has made a transition from a Buyers market to a Sellers market, and most Buyers have yet to realize it. Although many Buyers want to find a deal I feel that most do not fully understand what has been transpiring in the market. In order for Buyers to break out of the Buyer pack it is important that we educate our clients on market trends hopefully coming to a mutual understanding which should reduce the frustration, and expedite the home buying process while at the same time making it an enjoyable experience.