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My name is Jeremy Cudd and I have been a highly successful real estate professional in the Western Wisconsin market for over 15 years. My personal goal is to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate, and to satisfy everyone's needs to the best of my ability. If you want what most people want, GOOD SERVICE from an honest competent real estate professional, look no further!  I know in today's market place it really makes an impression when you come across someone that goes above and beyond the norm to provide you with top service. I am an agent that does just that.  I am not just interested in earning a commission. I want to earn your trust and your future business as well. The only way that I know to do this is to provide the best possible professional service to all of my clientele.  I take the time to discuss with you what you want. My job then becomes helping you to find and get what you want. I know that I am the type of hard working agent that you are looking for. I treat all of my clients as I would wish to be treated. I go the extra mile to insure that my clients are totally satisfied with my efforts. By doing this I enjoy a tremendous amount of repeat and referral business.  My extensive experience and proven track record are factors you can count on when working with me. I use the latest technology to understand the current market and to make the connections necessary for our success. Attention to detail and 24/7 customer service are 2 things you deserve.  Please enjoy my website @ http://www.JeremyCudd.com  It is just one of the many successful tools I use to assist my clients in marketing their real estate. 

I care about the people I represent. I want to find the right home for you, and the right family for your home. My market knowledge, commitment, and technical proficiency allow me to provide you with the best representation possible. My passion for my job guarantees your success!

St. Paul Pioneer Press Article | Property Executives Realty | Real Estate & Property Managment (edit/delete)

Recently the St Paul Pioneer Press did an article on my company Property Executives Realty. We focus on Property Managment in the Western Wisconsin area and Real Estate in MN & WI. Below is the article:


Owner: Jeremy Cudd

Type of business:Real estate services and property management

Number of employees:Five independent contractors (Realtors)

Location:Hudson, Wis.

Contact information: 612-703-2833; PropertyExecutivesRealty.com

Tell us what your business does.We provide exceptional real estate services to buyers and sellers of residential properties, including homes and land. New this year, we expanded our services to provide property management to our arsenal. Our property management company includes free attorney services to all of our clients. This is something that no one else offers and gives a client peace of mind when renting their home. If the tenant ever stops paying or is evicted, our attorney will handle all legalities and even go to litigation to collect loss rents for our client.

Why are you launching it now?I've been in real estate for 10 years now and I can offer as much, if not more, than the big real estate companies. Being my own brokerage allows for more marketing dollars for our client's homes and more flexibility in regard to services - i.e., property management.

Where did you get the idea for your business?I was ready to take real estate and my ideas to the next level. I don't like to be stuck inside the box and was ready to expand.

How did you develop your business plan? I worked with a business consultant to develop a strategy. When things went south, I had to go back and redo my business plan. I've eliminated costs and overhead and I'm going full steam ahead. I'm also working with a business coach to increase productivity for myself and my agents.

How are you financing your business?I originally borrowed over $200,000 from family to build-out the 3,200-square-foot office. Things have changed now and I'm now in a smaller space within the original space to save on overhead. I'm now running my business from my own pocket book, but the company has been running in the black for the past 10 months.

How do you see current economic conditions affecting your business?I don't think anyone saw the real estate market taking the hit that it's taken, and it's not over yet. My industry has been in a great depression for four to five years now and many have gone down with it. Others have been barely able to keep their heads above water. Fortunately, I'm still here and working hard to be very successful. My success is determined by how much I can give back. My goal is to give to those less fortunate and provide others with opportunities that I've been given.

What makes your business unique?We're small, but we provide the top Internet marketing in the area. By the way we advertise and market, you'd think we were a large corporation. We provide exceptional customer service and back it up! We help sellers sell high and buyers buy smart.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get this business going?The unknown from others in the business. I had a vision when opening the company. Since then things have changed: I've been through a rough divorce, business partners have left and partners lost their other investments, which in turn affected me personally. I worked hard to make sure it didn't affect the business or the Realtors who work for me. Other people in this industry are skeptical of real estate and the future. It's now been my job to sell my vision and convince those who are on the fence to hop on board and fight through it.

How did you overcome the obstacle?It's always in the back of my mind. I want to create success for others, and I'm determined to be great for them. I won't let go of my determination as long as others believe in me!

What will tell you the business is successful? When my agents in my office are successful, and we can all give back to the community that helped make us great!

To view the article, click on the following link:http://www.twincities.com/business/ci_20112897/open-business-property-executives-realty-llc



Times changing, local Realtor makes a move

Debbie Griffin River Falls JournalPublished Thursday, December 11, 2008


After six years working with Century 21, River Falls resident and Realtor Jeremy Cudd decided to change his company and business location.


Along with silent partner and three-year associate Oranzo Oevering who owns Roberts-based Oevering Homes, Cudd and wife Kristan bought a franchise of the international business, Realty Executives Select. They'll work from a new 3,200-square foot space at 900 Crest View Drive in Hudson.

RES will share the office space with business associates Cudd works with closely and often: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant Kevin Busse and Real Source Title Representative Kami Telschow.

Jeremy Cudd recently opened a franchise of the international realty company Realty Executives Select in Hudson, where he'll office with title company and banking professionals. Left to right: Kelly Nelson, Merilee Bune, Oranzo Oevering, Kami Telschow, Jeremy Cudd, Kristan Cudd, Wendy Olsem and Kevin Busse. Debbie Griffin photo RELATED CONTENT Article comments (1) Debbie Griffin Archive

Cudd opened the business Sept. 1 on the floor above where it will go permanently. Construction crews must finish the lower level before everyone can settle in.


He said RES will recruit top producers to fill its six Hudson-based offices. The company has 800 offices in 20 countries and typically deals in high-end real estate.

It designs its tools and systems for top producers like Cudd, who says he ranks high in the region that includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and both Dakotas.

"This is like a new-age realty company," Cudd said.

Cudd said Hudson seemed like a central location with good access from which he can serve clients in River Falls, Hudson, New Richmond and Roberts. He said people called him crazy for buying a realty company in these economic times.

"We've got the opportunity to grow," he said.

Kristan agrees, "Buying a company at peak market would be more expensive. There's always going to be a real estate market. You just have to find the niches and go with them."

She and Cudd agree that the market will always fluctuate.


State of local markets


Cudd said about realty in general: "I don't think there's been a better time to buy."

Home prices and interest rates are low and the ratio of homes to buyers stands at 11:1. An expert at an industry conference he attended predicted a rebound in quarter two of 2009.

"I think we've reached bottom, but nobody really knows," said Cudd.

Current statistics say there are about 9% fewer homes on the market now than at this time last year. The average time for a home to be on the market now is around 120 days, and sellers are getting 92% of their original list price.

Cudd said during all of 1998, buyers closed on a total of 754 homes in St. Croix County. Through quarter three of 2008, that number stands at 740 homes.

In 1998, the median sale home price was $121,000. This year, it is $181,000.

The same comparison in Pierce County shows a total of 186 homes sold for the entire year of 1998 and 228 homes sold through quarter three of this year. The median sale price then was $114,000; for 2008 it is $180,000.

He said people should realize these figures represent median sale prices, not actual values.

"If you look at the big picture over the last 10 years," said Cudd, "home values have actually increased."

He said a government offer can make now an especially good time to buy. Until July 2009, first-time homeowners or people who haven't bought in three years can take advantage of a $7,500 interest-free loan that may be repaid over 15 years' time.

Foreclosures and short sales - discounted sales done before a home enters foreclosure - also create good deals for buyers.

Cudd said, "I'm passionate about real estate. My goal is to provide enough information for buyers and sellers to make an informed decision."

While his bus-based billboard that used to sit on his grandfather's land east of Hwy. 65 just north of the hospital may be gone, he's still here and so are some new billboards. He and Kristan will continue living and working in River Falls.

The couple invites everyone to a charity benefit they're holding 5:30-7:30 Friday, Dec. 19, at the Agave Kitchen, 501 Second St., Hudson. Bring a gift or donation for a needy family.

Cudd said people can reach him and get more information about his new company or the upcoming benefit at his personal Web site: www.jeremycudd.com. His new business Web site is www.hudsonexecutives.com, and people can also reach him via cell phone at 612-703-2833.




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Providing exceptional Real Estate and Property Management services to all of Western Wisconsin including: Hudson, River Falls, New Richmond, Prescott, Somerset, Roberts, & Hammond Wisconsin