Sharon and Celeste Bates 莎朗·貝和 蔚貝 - المبيعات الفاخرة, Confidential LUXURY Sales. 機密。 豪華。المبيعات الفاخرة Services for Real Estate Pros



Sharon and Celeste Bates 莎朗·貝和 蔚貝 - المبيعات الفاخرة
Confidential LUXURY Sales. 機密。 豪華。المبيعات الفاخرة
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Get to Know Sharon and Celeste Bates 莎朗·貝和 蔚貝 - المبيعات الفاخرة

Confidential representation in Ultra Luxury property sales (liquidation and acquisition)

Clients that loved our confidential LUXURY service
“Sharon and Celeste knocked on my door and after briefly explaining what he and his team did, I read the brochure he gave me. He helped my wife and I sell our luxury estate vacation homes in the United States while we were in Beijing. Sharon and Celeste secured a purchaser within weeks and negotiated with the IRS, Department of Revenue, and our mortgage companies. We were able to avoid foreclosure because of him and are now able to sleep at night.” -Guang Yo China “Sharon and Celeste came to our house and explained the typical process of both a short sale and a foreclosure. He explained how our state law required certain waiting periods and how other states do it differently, which impressed me a great deal. Within 24 hours of listing our property, Sharon and Celeste delivered two offers to us and we ended up selling the property for 95% of what we owed. Our mortgage company accepted the offer without delay thanks to Sharon and Celeste getting us to collect all the paperwork we needed at the beginning. My wife was starting to show early signs of Alzheimer’s when we started missing payments and we are both very grateful to Sharon and Celeste for his efforts.” -Joseph Aspen, CO “Sharon and Celeste called us and listened as we explained our situation. He helped us sell our property after the foreclosure started and persisted after our mortgage company, Washington Mutual, was bought by another company. His skill at negotiating helped us sell our home for 59% of what we owed on it and he arranged for our mortgage company to not pursue us for the remaining balance. While he was selling our property, he also sent us lists of every apartment and house that we could afford, so that we could stay in the same area and our kids could keep going to the same schools. I am so grateful for all he did and have already recommended my sister and aunt to him.” -David Martha's Vineyard "My wife and I were going through a separation and were not able to continue paying the 1st and 2nd mortgage companies each month. After our house ended up in foreclosure, we got a lot of junk fliers in the mail, but the Park City Foreclosure Team actually came to my door and explained how long I have and what my best option was. I listed my house for what I owed on it and sold it for 77% that! Sharon and Celeste was able to do all this long before my mortgage company could auction it! I am very grateful for all the help they gave me and I am using them again when I buy my next house." -Atticus B. Beverly Hills, CA "I was laid off at my job and my wife was unable to work because she had to take care of our 2 kids at home. The Park City Foreclosure team came to my door and said they could help me out of the foreclosure. I listed my house with them because I simply didn't know what to do or how to get out of it. My wife and I owed a LOT more than the property was worth and they ended up selling the house, while it was in foreclosure, for 71% of what we owed! Since we don't have a foreclosure on our credit now, we can buy another house a lot sooner. When we do, the first person I'm going to call is them." - Julio V. "My wife and I had bought our house about 5 years before it ended up in foreclosure. We were in the middle of a divorce and had our 3 kids in day care, Monday through Friday. Sharon and Celeste came to my house and told me what my mortgage company was trying to do and I really had no idea. I knew I was behind on the mortgage payments but I didn't know my bank could have an attorney auction off my home. My wife and I together owed about 20% more than our house was worth and it was in an area that really doesn't sell houses fast in the winter. I had Sharon and Celeste put it on the market December 1, 2004 and he ended up selling it for 100% of what we owed, in less than 60 days! Within 12 months I will be able to buy another home and Sharon and Celeste is helping me get pre-qualified for the loan already. Thank you Sharon and Celeste!" -Brock "We tried selling our home as a "For Sale by Owner" for several months with no luck. The Park City Foreclosure team visited us and told us that he could sell our house in 30 days or less. To be honest, we didn't believe him, so we listed our house with him and thought it would all be for nothing. We ended up listing our house for sale at a price we thought was high. Sharon and Celeste ended up selling it for 99.9% of our asking price in less than 30 days. We are going to use Sharon and Celeste and his team for ALL every time we need to buy and sell a home in the future." -Trejo "Sharon and Celeste Bates and his Foreclosure Team have been a great help in selling my $750,000 home in West Haven Utah. He found a buyer who was able to rent the property until they made the purchase saving me a lot of headaches. He has also been great at helping me with my property investing. He found me a very nice home in Draper for $2,090,000 and even negotiated for a furniture package to be included! We have worked together on many sales and he has been the most helpful agent I have ever worked with. We are currently working on a $7 million Alaskan resort purchase, and a $7 million Park City Bank-owned property purchase that will make a lot of dreams come true and my clients very happy. I cannot say enough about his positive attitude and work ethic. Thanks Sharon and Celeste!" -Mohammad “We want to fully recommend Sharon and Celeste Bates and his office for any sort of short sale or loss mitigation option. Sharon and Celeste is extremely knowledgeable of the default and foreclosure process. Also with his background in real estate, he provides accurate and fair insight on how the property in foreclosure and short sale will appreciate. Sharon and Celeste Bates and his office were very efficient and always maintained contact with the bank, giving us precise updates. Sharon and Celeste always maintained a professional attitude and provided the bank with all of the information it required in a timely manner. We would recommend Sharon and Celeste Bates and his team and look forward to working with them again soon. -Kerri Beener GMAC Mortgage Loss Mitigation Specialist “I would like to recommend Sharon and Celeste Bates to everyone as the highest quality representative. His attention to detail and listening to my wants and needs in a home led me to find just the right house. In the past year, I had worked with three other Realtors who could not find a house that I would consider. They would continually take me to homes that were either overpriced for my income or in need of so many repairs that the homes were not habitable. However, Sharon and Celeste never did that once. He met every parameter that I set in what I was looking for in a home. He was able to find me the right home at the right price in the right location. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seriously looking for a home.” -Iris

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